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    Arriving with dog direct to Hangzhou

    Hey there, So I'm light on concrete information, but was able to get the dog in no problem. Some of my colleagues had called ahead to see if there was a quarantine but also couldn't find any information. When I got there, the dog was in his crate by the luggage carousel, and we just passed through immigration and customs normally, then there's a separate "quarantine" area where they examined his paperwork (from Turkey, which added an extra layer of confusion), made some photocopies, handed me an "import certificate" and then I repeatedly said thank you and left. Maybe I just ignored requests in Chinese to leave the dog, but I don't think so. It was all very friendly and straightforward, but 0% of it occurred in English so if you have a Chinese-speaking friend or colleague that you could call to be a translator when you arrive, that could be helpful. Best of luck! Drew
  2. Alibaba is looking for a talented English Content Strategist to join our amazing Alibaba.com content team. You’ll be at the forefront of groundbreaking initiatives and will play a crucial role in the use of content strategy to drive business results. As the Alibaba.com content team, we work closely with product managers, designers and marketing specialists throughout the product and promotion development process to create and develop compelling content. As a member of the global content team, you will be responsible for the content on our English-language website, app and social media platforms. This position is at the Binjiang Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou. Successful candidates will have at least three-years of verifiable, related experience. (You don't need to be living in Hangzhou, or even China, currently to apply.) Key Responsibilities and Expectations Work closely with product managers, graphic designers, interaction designers, marketing specialists, and front-end developers throughout the creative process. Create Alibaba.com website content. This include but no limited to brand naming, slogan, selling points, success stories, help files and product description. Create compelling sales emails to attract and retain global suppliers. Work closely with marketing team to create the social media content (short video script, website and product promotion article and so on). Create the PR content to build Alibaba International UED brand. Write the informative articles for Alibaba.com app blog. Be responsible for the voice, tones and quality of the content on Alibaba.com Maintain copy guidelines to ensure the website has a consistent language, tone, and voice. Skills We’re looking for someone who thrives in the face of a challenge. Someone who can jump over language barriers and cultural disparities and come out stronger. Exceptional professionalism, maturity and flexibility to handle the relationship with different stakeholders. Very hard working and strong-willed, highly self-motivated under pressure. Initiative to build the trust, maintain good relationship and win challenging projects from stakeholders. Very good skills to prioritize projects. Strong marketing and brand content creation skills. Think creatively – both in terms of content and problem solving. Ability to harmonize content with design – must be able to work effectively with Content Strategists, Graphic and Interaction Designers. Take ownership of projects. Good project coordination skills and the ability to work under tight deadlines. Ability to ride along with project changes. Quickly adapt to additions, deletions, and tweaks. Qualifications 5 years or more of full-time content experience (especially in marketing communication or brand content creation). E-commerce or agency experience preferred. A portfolio showing a diverse range of work (slogan, social media or blog article, PR article, help files, newsletter and so on). Marketing communication related degree preferred but not required. Experience with translation management, content tool, video production or web design is a bonus. Spoken Mandarin is a bonus. How to apply Send your CV with a brief covering note to Drew Gough (drew.dg@alibaba-inc.com).
  3. Hi all, About to move to Hangzhou from Turkey (Canadian) and my wife and I are trying to figure out the best way to get our rescue dog to China. I've found flights from Amsterdam direct to Hangzhou, bypassing Shanghai or quarantine-less Guangzhou, but wondered if anyone knows if there is a mandatory quarantine in Hangzhou or has any experience arriving directly from another country with a pet? Thanks in advance! Drew
  4. This is very helpful, everyone, thanks! My wife and I are moving to Hangzhou in April and bringing our rescue dog along with us. I'm interested to learn more about the Guangzhou, quarantine-free arrival, if anyone has more information? Did you then transfer to domestic flights to Hangzhou? If so, any info about the weight/size restrictions would be helpful, since our dog is around 25kg, and much more with the travel crate. Thanks!