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  1. connie lee


    hey everyone ,i need an English teacher from UK and he /she has available time at thuesday friday or saturday 。if interested in this part time job ,plz let me know .
  2. connie lee

    New here and looking for an English teacher

    then what she is looing for ?
  3. connie lee

    looking for skate mate

    I know xiasha jinshahu right
  4. connie lee

    looking for skate mate

    i want to play ice hokey but really not good at skating ,so is there any one interesting in skating ?
  5. connie lee

    Scuba Cert

    Maybe u should go to malyasia or thailand ,the environment of diving in china is not good .i got my certification in malaysia .
  6. Trust me do not searching for love you wasting you time, it will come suddnley and unexpected. Before i totally believe that ,so im not worry about it at all . waiting waitng waiting unitl now .im 30. lol
  7. what is the difference between chinese and foreigner guys First introduce myself: I am Chinese girl, 30 years old, looks cute (I think lol) and I like scuba diving、sky diving、reading books and watching movies . I have two serious relationships one is Chinese (6 months), the other is Australian (2 months). Except that, I date with some Chinese and foreigners also. About Chinese Usually Chinese guy (I mean Hangzhou ) they are nice and gentle. The date steps like this :feeling good with each other----coffee shop、watch movies or dinner lunch couple of times ----hold hands、kiss ----sex.All steps are slow. 1、the age My parents want me to find a Chinese, but the most embarrassing situation is Chinese guy at my age usually prefer to choose the girl much younger than 30 years old, even some of them like me, i meet almost their requirements :good looking , Highly educated, good job, nice salary except one thing I’m old. 29 years old is ok but 30 is not!! 2、Crazy thing I blind date at least 10 Chinese in 2015. When they ask me about my hobby I always say I like scuba diving and sky diving I have licenses then they will look at me as I’m psychopath. They run away! About foreigner Foreigners (I mean some I met ) they are nice and gentle. The date steps like this :feeling passion----coffee shop、watch movies or dinner lunch maybe 2times ----hold hands、kiss sex. All steps are fast. The reason I find foreigner not because they are better than Chinese but because they don’t very care about the age thing and I’m adventurer, I think all the men in the world eventually are the same. If fall in love with someone the feeling are the same no matter where are u come from and what are the skin color. 1、family pressure If u have a relationship with foreigner there will be a lot of pressure from ur parents. U need to have a strong willpower. 2、how long stay in Hangzhou Usually when both of u have fantastic feeling and u think can have future but suddenly he tell u 2 months later his contract finished .he will find a new job maybe not in china depends on the salary . Trust me, that is worse than kill me! Although they like or love with each other but when talk about salary thing any thing will become uncertain. 3、background As Chinese u can search his information, It is not very difficult .but as foreigner, it is super difficult unless he is honest, he tell u everything. One guy I met before he told me he is not married yet but later I found he has wife (still married not ex) and 2kids. All this is only my opinions .No defense to everyone !