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  1. Thanks for your replies everyone. I was able to both buy train tickets and stay at the hotel just using my residence permit (no passport copy needed). The hotel in Shanghai has a lot of foreign guests though, so they're a) legit and b) know the rules.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm currently applying for a residence permit at the HZ exit-entry bureau. Along with my application form I had to give them my passport. Is it possible to buy train tickets and stay in hotels with the voucher they give you, which states your passport number and that your application is being processed? Thanks, Sean
  3. Hi everyone, I came to Hangzhou a month ago and would like to improve my Mandarin. Currently I know about 300 words. I am from Germany originally and studied in the UK for four years. So I can offer both English and German (and bad Spanish haha). Best wishes, Sean
  4. Does anyone know of any gyms that are open in the early morning. I prefer to go around 7am but it seems like 10am is the normal opening time... Also I live in the Xihu area. Thanks!
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    Hello Hangzhou

    Hi everyone on HangzhouExpat, My name is Sean and I moved to Hangzhou just a couple of days ago. I live in Xihu district now (I think haha). I am originally from Germany but lived the past couple of years in the UK. Looking forward to meeting some of you!