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  1. Hello, I am first wondering if anyone has used Echo English to find a job and if you have any feedback on this company ? I was originally supposed to teach middle school in Binjiang district but my position got terminated by the principal and now they want to move me to Jiaxing to teach university business English . Has anyone lived or is anyone familiar with this area ? I understand it is closer to Shanghai but I just want to make sure this area has stuff to do and I'm not stranded. Any advice / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Nora, still looking for a Roomate?
  3. Hello, I am from USA(Colorado) and am looking to move to Hangzhou in February. I am wondering if anyone can give me feedback on their daily life here who are currently teaching . Would like to know more about food , nightlife , and making friends . Was it an easy place to adapt ? I am half Chinese half American and can speak a bit of Chinese but have never moved outside the states. I will only be teaching 15 hours a week so I will have a lot of free time . Also, is Binjiang a good area to live in ? That's where my school is located but I'm currently looking for apartments in a good location where I can find many things to do. Thx in advance for your feedback . Also , I would love to connect with any new ppl on WeChat to make some friends prior to my arrival ;)