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  1. Storage Summer

    Hi, if you don't mind, you can try my house, leave your staff there, pretty safe.
  2. an expat family live in Xiao Shan

    Hi, nice to meet you, as I know, if a Chinese want to go to HongKong and Macao, they also need to apply for an Entry & Exit permit, is't means HongKong and Macao should be called "Country"?? BTW, there are a lot of place you can buy whatever you want, I live around Intime City, there is a huge international supermarket underground the shopping mall, the price is higher though, I don't know where u live, if you live in XIAOSHAN, I'd better call it a village... BTW, I went to Taiwan this Jan. nice place.
  3. Kitchen for rent

    er... my kitchen is only available for Chinese food