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  1. I mean it is annoying .. I like Daves ESL, but i posted my resume on EChinaCities and a bunch of recruiters were adding me on weChat that I didn't know. Why can't the schools just post positions themselves if the offer is decent. I want expected pay, LOCATION, and working hours. Recruiters will never let you see the location or school because it is their business. If you live in China they won't tell you where you are going and let you meet the boss. I wish there was some type of contract for recruiters to let you meet the boss you will be working for and promise not to make a deal behind their back. One can hope.
  2. I like Japanese Metal. If you find a place that gives you a gig send me a PM. Idk where though. Maybe The Underground would let you Jam.
  3. Hello and Happy New Year All. Can anyone recommend a good real estate agent with some properties near Yingfeng Subway station line 2? I would like a translated contract if that is possible. Thanks and all the best wishes for the new year. -Mike
  4. MikeK

    Using the town bike?

    LoL there is one sitting outside my apartment .. bet its one of the broken ones. I do like yellow though....
  5. MikeK

    Using the town bike?

    I have a metro card. Was really easy to get one. I asked a coworker and he said the same thing. It works on busses, the subway, and the town bikes. Pretty amazing. All i did was go to the subway help center and give them like 300 yuan and they set me up with a card. Thanks.
  6. I have been wanting to use the public bicycles in hangzhou, but I have been having trouble figuring out how to use them. I have a union pay card/alipay, but I don't know the selections to make at the booth for my card(waygo won't work ). What is the easiest way to use the bikes? And what is the cost?
  7. MikeK

    an expat family live in Xiao Shan

    Binjiang is more upscale. If you make a lot of money maybe consider there. You can get everything delivered nowadays, so you're never roughing it. Xiaoshan seems to have more buses and local shops though.