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  1. ShawnoftheDead

    English teachers needed

    Yeah screw that guy and his pussy PC liberal attitudes of equality. Anybody who tries to point out discriminatory practices is clearly a filthy hippy commie homo and should pack up and move back home to San Francisco.
  2. ShawnoftheDead

    Awesome ebike for sale ¥2850

    Battery voltsge ? Number of batteries? Is it street legal ?
  3. ShawnoftheDead

    Motor scooter for sale - 2nd Price Update!

    Thanks man. Definitely wouldn't want a newbie here to drive it carelessly and get it confiscated.
  4. Motor scooter for sale. 2 years old. In good condition. Goes about 100 km on a full tank. Speed: up to 70km/hour. Price new: 3200 rmb. ASKING PRICE 500 rmb. Disclaimer: Be aware motorbikes are restricted in Hangzhou. I have ridden the bike in the North of the city (San Dun) with no issues whatsoever. But closer to the city center motorbike laws are more likely to be enforced.
  5. ShawnoftheDead

    NIU E-bike for sale

    model? age? price?
  6. ShawnoftheDead

    Selling iPhone 7plus 128Gb pink

    What's the price? how old is it?
  7. ShawnoftheDead

    Mac Air for sale

    How old is the computer? Which model?
  8. ShawnoftheDead

    Wanted: TV, fan, shoe rack.

    Hi Everyone, I am currently looking for a used TV (LCD HD), around 24-36 inches. As well I am looking for a fan, a shoe rack and a coat rack. If anybody has a TV they are looking to sell please send me a message. I live close to the Zheda Zijingang campus. Cheers, Shawn
  9. ShawnoftheDead

    Donating Blood in Hangzhou

    Greetings everyone. I would like to revive this thread (which has been inactive for nearly a decade!) to verify if the information above regarding the location of the blood clinics is still accurate. If anybody knows the answer it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. ShawnoftheDead

    Fixed Gear Bicycle Shop

    Does anybody know of any shops in town that specialize in custom fixed gear bicycles?