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  1. Yuhang District

    Hey Alex, I'm liking it so far but I've lived in China for a couple years already. Have you lived here before? The reason I ask is because there aren't as many foreigners around Yuhang. Though I imagine you'd have some foreign coworkers to hang around with. The city I used to live in had a strong expat community so I feel a little more "immersed" if you will. With that said, it's pretty scenic and the food around here has been great. There's also a Walmart and IKEA is a few subway stops away. I've only been here for a month so I can't really comment on nightlife but from what I've seen, it doesn't look bumpin. You'd probably have to go to Hangzhou for that. Could be wrong though. For cost of living, it depends on what you're comparing to. Compared to the west, it's super cheap. There are public bicycles everywhere which you can use for free (within one hour). Otherwise, metro is really affordable. Where I used to live (Jinan,Shandong) is cheaper but because I had so many foreign restaurants at my fingertips, I spent a bit more money. If you have more questions, feel free to add me on wechat. [please send me private message for my wechat ID]
  2. Import Supermarket

    Damn! Thanks Scott, that's super helpful. It'd be way easier getting these things delivered rather than making the trek downtown. That G Super looks hard to get to. Still curious enough that I'll probably check it out though.
  3. Import Supermarket

    I don't think he'll have steaks or filets but I'll give you his wechat info regardless. The username for the business is wxid_g6s1a2s3i1ii12. It's owned by a couple and mostly run by the wife. I know the husband, Mike. He speaks a bit of English. By the way, I went to the Kerry center after all. The mall there is awesome but the Ole pales in comparison to the other location.
  4. Import Supermarket

    Damn maybe I won't check that place out then. What a prick. Well if you are looking for sashimi and willing to go to Linping station, I know a guy. The salmon is from the Netherlands and it comes in every Friday. Really good quality the one time I had it.
  5. Import Supermarket

    Thanks Scottwk, I don't think Fields will work for me since I live in Yuhang. G Super! That's one of the foreign markets I used to frequent back in Jinan. I used to buy salmon there. They were great. If anyone knows the address or how to get there, let me know!
  6. I'm new to town and don't know too much about Hangzhou. I was thinking we could use this thread to "map out" Hangzhou and the surrounding areas a bit. More specifically, the areas close to and around the subway stations. If you know of interesting spots to eat/shop/see nearby a subway station, share it here. For example, here is an obvious one: Line 1 - Qiaosi Station - Within walking distance to IKEA.
  7. Import Supermarket

    Thanks Drown. I'll check out the Kerry Center and see if it's any better. Salmon! That's what I'm looking for. I found a place near me but they only sell sashimi style salmon. I want some salmon I can cook. For some reason, Ole didn't have any when I went there.
  8. Import Supermarket

    I'm new to town. Where is the Kerry Center? What subway station/line should I use?
  9. Import Supermarket

    I used to live in Jinan and I liked the foreign markets there better to be honest. With that said, this Ole is still really good. It's huge and has meat and dairy sections. One aspect where they have Jinan beat is their produce department. It looks really well maintained and they have beet root!! I've been in China for close to 3 years and haven't seen beet root anywhere. Anyways, yeah I'd recommend checking it out.
  10. Yuhang District

    Hey Brazman, I just moved to Yuhang. You still living in the area?
  11. Import Supermarket

    For anyone looking for foreign markets, I did end up finding an Ole after all. It's located in the MIXC Mall. The gigantic one at Jiangjin Station (Line 4). Take the B1 exit.
  12. New to Town!

    Hello everyone, I just noticed that we are supposed to post here before we post anywhere else. I lived up North in Jinan, Shandong for the past couple years. I've been here for about two weeks and I'm loving it so far. I'm living in Yuhang district (Linping) a bit far from the city. Anyways, nice to meet you all!
  13. I'd be interested in a volleyball group as well. Any luck?
  14. I just found one yesterday but it's in the Yuhang District (near the Linping Subway line). I imagine that's too far from where you are.
  15. Import Supermarket

    Thanks BigMac and Sainthood. Much appreciated!