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  1. @meshikui Welcome to Hangzhou! If you're interested in exploring the city, feel free to join the events Sketching at West Lake and Photowalk along the Grand Canal — no arts experience needed! :)
  2. Sounds great! I've just set up a page on meetup.com for anyone interested in art in HZ. Feel free to share! If it's cool with you guys, we could post the sketching event there and see if it generates interest from other artists/art lovers in the Hangzhou area. Anyway, I'll send you a pm with my WeChat and we can try to arrange a day and time to meet soon! :)
  3. morehangzhou.com has an app that's great for learning about restaurants/pubs in the area.
  4. Hi! If anyone is still interested in the urban group sketching idea, let me know. I'll be in Hangzhou from mid-September onwards. It would be great to arrange a meetup then!
  5. Sounds wonderful! I'll send you a message on wechat.
  6. Zhejiang International Travel Healthcare Center, No 230 Zhonghezhong road, Hangzhou (My boyfriend went there recently to get his health check done). See attached file for more info. Medical check-Hangzhou address (1).pdf
  7. I found this information on the HZ airport website a few months ago when I was thinking of bringing my cat through Hangzhou. "Passengers bringing in dogs or cats as pets should produce valid animal health certificate, and rabies vaccine injection certificate produced by authorities of the export nation or area. Each person can only bring in one pet with his/her own passport. Inspection and quarantine authorities shall quarantine the pet at a designated venue for 30 days." http://www.hzairport.com/en/dd_gjdd.aspx I don't know if the rule is enforced -- I decided to go through Shanghai as that route requires just 7 days quarantine.
  8. What a great idea! I'm new here and would love to join the next Stammtisch. Please let me know. Cheers! :)
  9. I use a website called italki. There are many Chinese tutors there. :) http://www.italki.com/?ref=1669360x
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