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  1. CJ Chen

    Play Dates

    I'm also looking for some friends for my 2 years old daughter. can you share the wechat here? thanks.
  2. CJ Chen

    2 years old kids play date in Binjiang

    Do you have an EN playgroup for kids gathering?
  3. Hi there, I have a daughter just turned 11 months old yesterday, I have searched for the playgroup for her in Hangzhou, but didn't really find any, so I decide to organize one for kids and the parents to meet up weekly or bi-weekly, if you also have kids at home and would like to find some playmates for them, you are very welcome to text me at 186-0669-3130 (Speak English, Chinese, German) I have a guest house with a garden near by the Ling Yin Temple for us to meet up. we can always have different topics and places for gathering from time to time.
  4. CJ Chen

    Childminding home near Xixi Wetland Park

    Hi Joy I like your idea, how's it going? btw, do you know any baby playgroup in Hangzhou for kids around 12 months? Thanks CJ
  5. CJ Chen

    Play group near the wetland park

    I'm also looking for playgroup for my daughter in Hangzhou, if you find any, please kindly let me know, thanks, otherwise maybe we can think about organize one with some other moms in hangzhou.
  6. CJ Chen

    2 years old kids play date in Binjiang

    Hi there, my daughter is 4.5months, I'm also looking for play group for her, if you moms could work out this group, I have a guest house with garden near Lingyin temple for gathering.
  7. CJ Chen

    Expat children in Hangzhou (play dates)

    I'm looking for a playgroup for my daughter in hangzhou, would you let me know if you know any?