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  1. The later might be a better option ......
  2. Rented via a agent initially but only have contact with the landlord . Of course my passport containing the visa was used as ID on the day but I am not concerned about this ... Re VISA - I was 'advised' by a Visa officer that it wasnt possible to get a tourist visa within mainland China but that I would be given a temporary 7 day permit following the cancellation of the multiple entry visa . I do not have a lot of confidence in the quality of the information provided by the visa officer . Thanks for the helpful information
  3. Excellent news from a fellow Aussie ..... So then I just need to change the registration at the police station once I have done the visa run ....
  4. Greetings learned ones , Recently I decided to resign my current teaching position and gave 2 months notice . The company requires me to cancel my visa at the end of the notice period . Drat! as I had thought I might keep the visa but alas no . I would like to stay in China for a while as a tourist and would also like to keep up apartment during this time as a base. Can I keep the apartment as a tourist ? Thanks in anticipation.................
  5. My research suggests that Huangshan Geopark is about 3 hours by bus from Hangzhou. I would be interesting in doing a trip there but am not sure of the logistics . eg which bus that actually heads to the mountain ... and do I need to book accommodation before I go . Any thoughts ?