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  1. Uk 1234

    Help me. Work visa not approved

    Yes they have told me my work permit was first turned down because foreign workers are no longer allowed to work in the leisure industry. They reapplied and the next reason was my degree is a foundation degree and new regulations that came out on the first of April state that you have to have a bachelors degree or above. Do you think I am being lied too?
  2. Uk 1234

    Help me. Work visa not approved

    The degree that every golf professional that works in china has is a foundation degree through the university of Birmingham. Apparently it's bachelor or above now. Yet footballers can just stroll in and play. Obviously very corrupt
  3. Uk 1234

    Help me. Work visa not approved

    No they have given up.
  4. Uk 1234

    Help me. Work visa not approved

    Im a PGA golf professional. I had all the correct paperwork and work credentials etc. I have been conned by the the golf driving range in Hangzhou.
  5. Uk 1234

    Help me. Work visa not approved

    I was offered a job in Hangzhou at the end of January. I am still in the uk having been told I would start in mid march. I have had my medical and and had all the documents I was asked for approved by the embassy, solicitor etc in London. I have now received a letter from the company that offered me the job saying my application was turned down for a work permit as according to the new rules of China they are not allowed to hire foreign coaches. They are now going to re-apply. I am obviously now very concerned as we have invested so much in this role. My wife has left her job, we have moved out of our rented flat, sold our car and possessions etc. Has anyone had any experience with this?