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  1. Andriy simon

    Andriy Simonyan Andrew kilbride Betcoin

    We need to talk and soon , we need to share the info
  2. Andriy simon

    Andriy Simonyan

    I like your style , can we talk , he married an Irish woman and got a passport and changed his name , he has also another woman and I have her details too. His son lives in New York but not for long
  3. Scumbag 


    hos son lives in America and his sign on in Skype is "fine Irish weather"


    now the the owner of betcoin

  4. Andriy simon

    Andriy Simonyan

    Lads I love this , his new name is Andrew kilbride , director of betcoin ! Based in China , apparently living on a boat in Phillipines. Changed his name to Andrew kilbride , married an Irish woman called vanessa ! I'm offering good rewards with anyone with more information on him
  5. Andriy simon

    Andriy Simonyan

    No beef ! Just think he's a prick
  6. Andriy simon

    Andriy Simonyan

    Does anyone want to re open the topic on this guy. His new name is Andrew Kilbride (married an Irish girl )and he's posing as a millionaire owner founder of BETCOIN his email is megamelon@gmail.com
  7. Andriy simon

    Andriy Simonyan Andrew kilbride Betcoin

    So people , any chance we can start a thread on this guy . looking to contact with all the ex pats about him people think he's Russian , apparently a bad man ??
  8. Andriy simon

    Discount flights to Nauru

    Anyone with information regarding him , please contact me



  10. Andriy simon

    Andriy Simonyan

    So what do people know about this man ?? answers ???