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  1. Cornelia

    Any decent/EU-style bakeries in Hangzhou?

    Bread and Mussels in 179 Yan'an Street, the main shopping street in Hangzhou. I am German, so very fuzzy about bread, however I love it. They are also a western kind of cafe.
  2. Cornelia

    Not really new to Hangzhou

    Hi, here since some months, not bored at all, anyway happy about meeting other people. German teacher, 50, young enough to do many things, not so much on the nightlife side.
  3. Cornelia

    Stuck In Middle of Two...Now for Hangzhou!

    Hi, yes, that is true, actually not really mountains, but more hills, anyway, very beautiful. Hangzhou is said to have more than 70 hills, I just read that yesterday :-), so many opportunities to escape the city still being in the city.