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  1. Nicola


    Hello Connie, Native English speaker based in Xiasha. Please feel free to message me as available Tuesday evening, Thursday morning/evening and Saturday. Thnk you N
  2. Nicola

    Hello people!

    Hi Dayan, I've been in Hangzhou for a month now, still finidng my feet. I am working out in Xiasha but would b great to meet and explore together, share a drink or dinner. I speak a little French and trying to learn chinese! Feel free to message me. Have a lovely Sunday. N
  3. Nicola

    Swimming club

    Hi georgio, I too would be interested. Please let me know dates. Thank you
  4. Hello! Sorry just seen seen this post and I'm sure your fully booked, but would really appreciate you letting me know when this event will be taking place next. Have a great day.
  5. Nicola

    New in Xiasha

    Hi both! I too am in Xiasha and would be very keen to grab a drink/dinner etc. Im a dance artist from the UK out here working on a project with students at Hangzhou School for the Deaf. Ill share more when we meet!! N
  6. Nicola

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    Hello, Any plans to meetup now we are into the new year. I've just arrived and this post seems really friendly. Thank you N
  7. Nicola

    Fresh to the city

    Hello, Arrived in Hangzhou early this week and now living close to Zhejiang Sci-Tech. I am working during the week but looking for ideas and suggestions for things to do in the evenings and weekends. Social gatherings, dinner(vegetarian), drinks, exploring, getting lost in wonder....... All ideas welcome! Thank you kindly Nx