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  1. Looking for a P.E teacher asap

    Hey! I’m a graduate with a degree in PE! I’m currently living in Hangzhou teaching English and PE at an international school. I am very interested in this position! Can you contact me on WeChat? My ID is [please send me private message for my contact informtion] and if you can’t find me, just let me know your ID and I’ll find you. I’m from America by the way.
  2. iPhone 7plus

    How much?
  3. NIU E-bike for sale

    How much? And what model is it?
  4. Wanted: iPad

    I have an iPad Air 2 64 GB. Perfect condition. I'll sell it to you! What's your WeChat?
  5. American Football Coach Wanted

    I'm interested! I played 3 years of college football in America.
  6. LOOKING FOR private English teacher

    I'm interested! My WeChat is patton1990s
  7. slightly used branded original shoes for sale size 13

    I'm interested!! Post pictures!
  8. URGENT! Full-time English Teachers Wanted

    I'm interested!

    Y'all still need a male model?
  10. NIU M1 for sale(e-bike)

    What's your WeChat ID?
  11. NIU M1 for sale(e-bike)

    How far will it go on a single charge? From your personal experience?
  12. Need Used eBike

    I have a Niu M1 C that I'll sell you. I bought it new for 4,700 yuan about 3 months ago. I would sell it to you for 3,500
  13. Looking for an English teacher

    Hey! I'm interested in teaching the five students. I am 26 years old. I'm from America, and I woulrk as an English teacher here in hangzhou.