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  1. I have an iPad Air 2 64 GB. Perfect condition. I'll sell it to you! What's your WeChat?
  2. I'm interested! I played 3 years of college football in America.
  3. I'm interested! My WeChat is patton1990s
  4. I'm interested!! Post pictures!
  5. I'm interested!
  6. Y'all still need a male model?
  7. What's your WeChat ID?
  8. How far will it go on a single charge? From your personal experience?
  9. I have a Niu M1 C that I'll sell you. I bought it new for 4,700 yuan about 3 months ago. I would sell it to you for 3,500
  10. Hey! I'm interested in teaching the five students. I am 26 years old. I'm from America, and I woulrk as an English teacher here in hangzhou.