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  1. I think that it's better if you go to an international clinic. I don't know about Hangzhou because I just move there few months ago from Shanghai. One of my friend did Lasik surgery in euroeyes in Shanghai fews days ago and she is very happy about the clinic because they were very reassuring.
  2. Daisy020

    Restaurant addresses

    I think that you can easily find the menu in English and if not, there are always picture.
  3. Daisy020

    Eye surgery in China (Lasik) ?

    Hello Benji, no need to go to HK haha. Some Chinese hospitals might do Lasik, but honestly I would rather choose an international clinic. In Shanghai you have euroeyes, German quality with a great reputation among expats on Quora, reddit... You can have a look at their Shanghai website http://www.euroeyes.com/euroeyes-shanghai/ Have a nice day :)