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  1. I want first to do normal check up in Hangzhou,,then if there are serious problem or unclear answers from the doctors in Hangzhou then i will go to Shanghai. thanks for your reply and i hope if you have any idea about good one in Hangzhou for normal check.
  2. Hello, My back(spinal column) it's pain me since long time and i want to check it. Is there any recommed hospital in hangzhou? And thank you
  3. thanks for the advise The price is negotiable
  4. Price update to 3000元 for this week
  5. This laptop is in new condition,,i used it less than 15times,,only when i traveled,,because i have my own PC in my room I'm in Hangzhou now,,if you want to see it message me your WECHAT ID
  6. Hello, I'm selling my laptop 'Lenovo thinkpad e565' Thinkpad model from lenovo is the best model it's look nice and strong i bought it this year 4/7,, i used it since that time only 15times at most,,the reason is i have PC in my room and i bought the laptop just to use it when traveling. it's in new condition Laptop+original thinkpad mouse(still new in the box)+original ThinkPad T300 bag+original windows 10+original Microsoft office The new one price is 4099元 Ready to sell it with 3250元Negotiable price update to 3000元 for this week Processor:AMD A6-8600P Graphics:Integrated AMD Radeon R5 Graphics Memory:4GBx1 Display:15.6" HD (1366x768) Storage:500GB 5400rpm WLAN + Bluetooth Camera:720p Warranty:1-year
  7. 2018

    NIU M1 for sale(e-bike)

    I'm willing to sell it with 4000元
  8. 2018

    NIU M1 for sale(e-bike)

    single charge with my weight(94kg) with the top speed and always with high acceleration it's can go around 40KM but with lower weight and normal speed it's with normal acceleration can go 60-70KM and you can recharge it full in your room with 5hours I PM YOU
  9. Hello I'm leaving so i want to sell my NIU M1 I Bought it in April 2017 also it's have the rear trunk which is 399yuan the bike it's the civic which is 4699yuan so the total original price is 5098yuan so chose the best price you can pay and i will sell it to the highest price [please send me private message for my contact information] (NIU BRAND IS VERY GOOD QUALITY AND HAVE 3YEARS WARRANTY FOR THE BATTERY AND 1 YEAR FOR THE E-BIKE)
  10. 2018

    sold out

    sold out
  11. 2018

    good e-bike for sell

    Hello,, i have one of my friend want to sell his e-bike the e-bike used less than one year 9months old e-bike, Five removable batteries, batteries changed before two months! 浙江大学 zijingang campus