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  1. Therese Almayah

    How to survive hell (or a Hangzhou summer).

    Shower often
  2. Therese Almayah

    New to Hangzhou

    Welcome! I recently arrived myself. How are you adjusting?
  3. Therese Almayah

    Bonjour ;) Buenos dias ;)

  4. Therese Almayah

    New here

  5. Therese Almayah

    Moving to Linping...looking for primary school for my kid

    Greentown Yuha Primary is a very good school. I will be teaching English there. It is a bilingual school. http://www.lcyhcz.com/yhcz/front/enarticleReadAction!read?enarticle.id=6
  6. Hi Therese. You'll have a great time in Hangzhou!  Bring rain proof wears, weather is pretty rainy during the hot season! In any case you might be able to find raincoats in a local store… so do not worry! Just come along!







    1. Therese Almayah

      Therese Almayah

      I have great rain gear since I used to live in Oregon.   Rainy winters there, just cold and snowy here in Montana. I'm super excited to arrive in Hangzhou and begin my adventure!  

  7. Therese Almayah

    New here

    Hello nice to meet you. I will be there in July. I start work at Greentown Yuha In August. So hard to decide what to bring with me. Best of luck to you!
  8. Therese Almayah

    part time and full time Engish teacher urgently wanted

    I am interested and I am highly qualified
  9. Therese Almayah


    I will be arriving in Hangzhou this summer and I am very excited to begin this new adventure. I will be teaching and shopping. I am always ready to have some fun. I hope it's easy to find friends. Ask me anything!