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  1. Hi Everyone and thanks to Jake for letting me know its cool to post here. If you love Italian then you'll be happy to hear this news. We've been in China 17 years and excited that our newly launched D'Mario's homemade Italian family recipe delivery biz is off to a great start. Right now we're focusing one super authentic, unique dish - traditional eggplant parmigiana, meticulously prepared, available in 1kg tray delivered to your door in Hangzhou and surrounding cities as well. Feel free to inquire on any biz/catering/promotion/event ideas you may have to work together as well. We'll be doing plenty of catering / dinner events along the way. Cheers and thanks kindly, Mario 'n Nana
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    Hello Everyone, My wife and I just moving to Hangzhou this week after many years in Shanghai. I am starting full time in the HR department at Geely in Binjiang District. I am a professional speaker, communications advisor, China author, and event emcee & jazz pianist as well. Hoping to pop over to JZ club and any other jazz venues in town to sit in on jam nights with other musicians.... We're still apt hunting along line 1 subway line, and we welcome any suggestions on nice neighborhoods to rent. With our 5 year old boy, we're looking for a 2 bedroom. Cheers, Mario Cavolo