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  1. difo

    Hello everyone

    really nice
  2. difo

    Hi everyone

    hello, sorry for the very late reply. I guess it's not me, but would like to meet you and your friends!
  3. difo

    An Italian in Hangzhou

    hello Salxs, you're not the only one :P
  4. difo

    Hi everyone

    Hi Diana, thanks for your message. Unfortunately I didn't go around a lot, during my first 2 months I had to finish moving all my stuff, then company dinners and later I had to come back to Italy for visa renew. I'm still here and will come back to China in September, ready to explore the city and the surroundings!
  5. difo

    Visa Agency London

    Hi all, just read your messages and I'm having the same problem. I accepted almost 2 months ago an offer here in Hangzhou and I started working for them one month ago. But I'm still having problems, mostly because it's the first time they hire foreigners and maybe because they understimate the situation. I'm really considering to go to an agency rather than do all by myself and lose one month salary waiting for the paperworks in Italy. Do you have experience with agencies here in Hangzhou? How much they usually ask? thank you
  6. difo

    Hello everyone

  7. difo

    Hi everyone

    Nice to meet you all. I'm new in town, I arrived last week. My name is Marco, I'm from Italy. I'm a designer and here in Hangzhou for work. I hope I can make friends and share contacts/ideas during my stay. See you around