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  1. MisterStretch

    Visa on Entry - Port of Shanghai

    sainthood, Thanks for the warning. Does this mitigate it? I am coming from a third country, not my own. They will have applied for the visa, and gotten approval before I board the plane. They have been very thorough, regarding documents, approvals, authentications, etc. The only thing is that I would get my visa on arrival, already approved. I see the first link you provided was only regarding transit visas. I dug a little further and found this: "17th Mar 2017, Important Notice 1: From 23rd March 2017, the new “Foreign Work Permit” policy will start in Shanghai. Every company needs to register a new account in the new system. It takes at least 5 working days. " "Important Notice 2: From 23rd March 2017, the new “Foreign Work Permit” system will start in Shanghai"
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  3. MisterStretch

    Visa on Entry - Port of Shanghai

    My employer is planning on arranging for me to obtain my visa on arrival in Shanghai. I'll be carrying all of my hard copies with me. Has anyone done this? Any quirks or problems I should be aware of and try to prepare for?
  4. MisterStretch

    What is required for new work visa?

    In Thailand we referred to the late king as Elvis, because we couldn't discuss him by name. But I take your point.
  5. MisterStretch

    What is required for new work visa?

    Mr Zheng, You don't say what your home country is, but I'm in the process now of getting a new permit. Diploma and Background Check (from the US, the FBI check is quickest to get and most widely accepted) have to be notarized in your home country, authenticated by the US Dept of State (in case of Diploma) and stamped by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your home country. You can get a service to do all of this for you. It cost me nearly $550 to do mine from outside the US.
  6. MisterStretch

    Been in China, New to Hangzhou

    Welcome...good to see your posting and know something about you. I'm a newbie, too...and hope the forum can pick up with more people posting like this.
  7. I will soon be working in Hangzhou, but support my family in Thailand with monthly remittances. In other countries, I've used MoneyGram as the easiest and cheapest way to send money to Thailand. I prefer this to bank tranfers as you only get shafted once on the exchange rate and there are no additional fees, just the first service fee (in my case, around USD24 each month). Has anyone used MoneyGram from Hangzhou? Are there issues I need to be aware of as to limits? I hope to send USD1,500 a month to my family.
  8. I have had this problem in other Asian countries I've lived. I periodically pour a cup of bleach down the offending drain. If it is backing up, as well, or slow draining, it's probably due to build up from others pouring grease and oil down the drain. A little preventive drain cleaner or hydrochloric acid will take care of that.
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    Brevity. Gotta love it.
  10. Daily updated? Did Hangzhou stop having news two years ago?
  11. MisterStretch

    Global Butterfly Landing Soon

    It's been a long time since I was a newbie on a forum. I'm Stretch, a 20-year international teaching veteran landing in Hangzhou this coming May to work as a Debate and Public Speaking coach with Enreach. China is my 11th country...and I'm looking forward to it after a boring year in the Sandbox. I'll be perusing the forum looking for assistance with housing, cultural events and what to do where, as I get used to the new digs. Glad to find the forum, hope it helps...and in turn I can help later.