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  1. Thanks BluePasta
  2. Thanks guys
  3. Hi guys, I will be in HZ in 3 weeks and need some advise where to go for buying things like iron, blow-dryer... well thinks I will need for my daily life. I will be living in Xiasha area
  4. Hi all, I will be in HZ in 3 weeks and need advise on where to get the best exchange rate. I will just exchange a small amount at the airport to cover me for a day or two but generally exchange rates are terrible at airports and don't think HZ would be any different. Also would you guys recommend US dollars or Euros? I am from Turkey and don't think Turkish Lira can be exchanged there or anywhere else for that matter :) One last think, I will need a bank account so any advise on which bank to choose? From what I read I will not need to carry much cash on me as WeChat Pay and AliPay can be used even in small vendors so when I come I will ask for your help on that front as well :) Thanks in advance Umut
  5. Can I use WhatsApp without a VPN?
  7. Is it not the same sh*t everywhere?
  8. Thank you so much @Hz I will have student visa there and from what I heard you can work part-time if you can receive school's permission? Chinese is going to be a problem for sure and considering how hard to learn it will take a year for me to have basic communication skills :(
  9. So how about finding a job? Do I have any chance? I am not a native English speaker so don't think I can land a teaching job but are there any other alternatives? Though I don't mind a teaching job as well. As long as it pay the bills all is good :)
  10. Drunk people are same everywhere :) But it is nice to know there is no general hostility against foreigners It is good that all public transport is operated with a single card and I can somehow understand regarding no water rule on metro
  11. Thanks! I will check it out when I come. Living overseas you miss familiar things so it is always good to do some research beforehand :)
  12. Hello all, Is there somewhere I can find Turkish food in HZ? Thanks in advance
  13. Hello all, I will arrive in September and would like to know your impression of Hangzhou so I can prepare myself(even if a little bit) for the huge change. I don't speak any Chinese and would like to know how is life for someone with no Chinese in Hangzhou? Is public transportation easy to operate? Are people nice to foreigners or is there hostility? Well, I have many more questions but these 3 are the most important ones for now. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, I will be moving to HZ in few months and it will be my first time in China so have lots of questions and will need your support on those :) Should I bargain for every item I buy? Where can I bargain and where the price is final with no room for bargain?