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  1. Hi guys, Anyone know a place I can go to watch a live performance of traditional Chinese music?
  2. Umut

    Small Differences

    I noticed they don't have ground floor button on elevators and it starts from 1st floor, so basically ground floor is counted as the 1st floor Any other differences you guys noticed?
  3. Umut


    I was too tired for metro so just took a taxi. Though it took us some time to find my hotel but now FINALLY arrived to Hangzhou :))
  4. Umut

    Visa Hassle

    Hi guys, I am here with X1 student visa and need to change my visa with a residence permit in 30 days but what a big surprise they tell you to do it but not how to part :) from what I could figure out I will need a document from my university, register with local police and get health check and apply entry and exit bureau but in what order that is the tricky part should I first go to entry and exit bureau and take some document from them and get that approved or should I first collect everything and go to the bureau? your help will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance umut
  5. movies and series are easy to find online, well at least for me here is how I do it 1- use yandex search engine(russian google) 2- just write the movie's name and add "izle" at the end, which is "watch" in Turkish and you will find links to unblocked Turkish streaming websites without needing vpn here is an example I did for The Hitman's Bodyguard https://yandex.com.tr/search/?text=The Hitman's Bodyguard izle&lr=11508 here are some basic Turkish to use on those websites Skip Add = Reklamı Geç Close = Kapat Trailer = Fragman
  6. Umut


    After a long flight, I am finally in Shanghai. At the moment sitting at Pudong Airport Burger King and just waiting for morning to arrive so I can take the first coach at 8:40 to HZ I was trying to decide between sleeping at the airport hotel and spending the night awake and finally my stingy nature won and now here I am counting the last 5 hours to coach' departure :D Thank you san5324, I will do as you suggest
  7. Umut


    Last day in Turkey for a long time :) Had to make some adjustments to my travel plans as I packed 2 very very heavy bags plus a backpack and small baggage so it is very hard to move with all these things. I have canceled my train and going to take the bus from Pudong to Hangzhou as I could not imagine myself taking the metro to the train station Though now my journey is going to take a lot longer and as I have not checked at all where the bus will drop me off so I will just take a taxi from there to my hotel :( Not my first choise but seems to be the best option with my heavy baggage
  8. Umut


    From Pudong to HQ is the same line however yes you need to change trains at Guanglan Road station. But yes I spared more than enough time for any delays and a long lines. First metro from Pudong departs at 6 and with a 90 minutes journey will be there about 7:30 with 85 minutes to my train at 8:55 My first thought was to take the bus but 1- I don't really like busses 2-Never taken high-speed train 3-Hangzhou East train station is only 16 kms from my hotel bu taxi and if the metro is not too crowded there is a direct metro line from Hangzhou East to Gaosha area
  9. Umut

    Just arrived in HZ from Ireland

    No idea where EAC is :) I will be living in Xiasha area. Maybe we will have a chance to meet Good luck at your apartment hunting
  10. Umut

    Just arrived in HZ from Ireland

    Hi Diana, I will be in HZ in 10 days, which area do you live in?
  11. Umut


    I don't know anyone in Shanghai and don't speak any Chinese so train seems to be the best option
  12. Umut


    I booked Jinjiang Inn in Gaosha area which is close to my school and to the metro station. I don't need much from the hotel just a comfy bed and hot shower and this one looked good enough
  13. Umut

    New in Xiasha

    Will be there in 2 weeks and would love to grab a drink
  14. Umut

    Currency exchange

    OK seems like I can find Chinese Yuan here at Grand Bazaar so I don't have to worry about exchanging money there :)
  15. Umut


    So I booked a hotel near my school yesterday with Ctrip as I will arrive sunday morning and got a call from them just 3 hours ago which is 03:30 at night here to inform me the hotel I booked does not accept foreiners :( Them waking me up middle of the night is one problem and them waking me up middle of the night to tell me my booking has been canceled is another problem. Anyway I could not fall asleep after that and contacted their customer services to help me find a hotel that accepts foreiners so I would not have to play a guessing game, finally they told me a hotel and I booked a room and my reservation has been confirmed It is something very weird for me to hear a hotel not accepting foreiners. Guess it is one of those things I will need to get used to