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  1. Hi, I will be moving to HZ in few months and it will be my first time in China so have lots of questions and will need your support on those :) Should I bargain for every item I buy? Where can I bargain and where the price is final with no room for bargain?
  2. Thanks Ding2go What about parts? Would it be possible to find laptop components like memory or ssd there? Just hardware I found few laptops that would be more than enough for my needs with few minor upgrades here and even if the software is a problem when buying a computer hardware should not be right? I hope it is not :)
  3. I am going to need a new laptop but need to compare prices between Turkey and China before I move there Could you recommend online stores for me to check prices? Preferably a website with English translation Thanks in advance
  4. Sent them an email but reply was written with a poor English so I highly doubt they can understand or response verbally :)
  5. Do any of you know what the university means by the sentence below? (beds, wardrobes, desks, chairs, bookshelves, TV, air conditioner, shower, Microwave and washing machine are available on demand) Do they provide an empty room only and you need to pay extra for furniture and other things?
  6. Here are some of the universities I checked and cost of 1 year language program plus accomodation(single room) Zhejiang University - 36.000 RMB Zhejiang Normal University - 26.800 RMB Zhejiang University of Science and Technology - 25.000 RMB Zhejiang Gongshang University - 25.000 RMB Hangzhou Dianzi University - 20.700 RMB Zhejiang University of Media and Communications - 14.800 RMB
  7. Yeah Zhejiang University is a better choise however also more than twice expensive as well. I have a limited budget so the reason for ZUMC
  8. Hi Everyone, I am planning to study non-degree Chinese language program for a year at Zhejiang University of Media and Communication. I choose Hangzhou because it is a nice tier-2 city that is close to Shaghai and my main reason for choosing ZUMC is it being the cheapest with 10.000 RMB per year for the program and 4.800 RMB for a single room. Can anyone comment on the university? I could not find any info regarding the university and my mails to the university had been answered with a very poor level of English(Google translate?) so any and all advise is appericiated.