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    Expats Living in Huzhou

    Also what is the cost of living there and what is a good salary for a teacher plus what benefits should i be looking at. Is it easy to move around? Are people helpful? Too many questions I know, but coming on my own I have to gather some info from people already living there and maybe make some contacts beforehand. Thank you all for any advice offered and info. Namarie
  2. Namarie

    Expats Living in Huzhou

    Hello everyone, I have just joined as I am being interviewed soon for a Tefl teaher job in Huzhou! I am a woman and will be there on my own! I know it can be tricky with no foreigners around as I felt like that a bit in Japan....Any pointers? And also if I am to sign any contract with the agency and school, anything I ought to be aware of, in terms and safety issues? Thanks, Namarie.