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  1. send package europe

    does someone know how to send package to europe cheaper
  2. add me wechat group

    who know foreign wechat group can pull me so boring
  3. hi hangzhou

    i am new in hangzhou for my master degree need friend
  4. Hi and nice to meet you all!

    luiss this msg october
  5. hello everybody if someone need french tutor i am available my english also is not bad if you need both please contact me
  6. Girl looking to Meet New people

    i don't even know how to swim i am afraid but if it is for find friend still available still here for find new friend share great moment
  7. maybe anyone will talk to me i am ugly i know however there is anyone who want to meet a ugly man
  8. hi people i looking for native english speaker from usa england
  9. partener

    need partner for talk make friend i am black from africa i looking for good people men or girl whatever sometime we need a best friend
  10. practice

  11. Need Exchange

    hello everyone i looking for exchange i can speak french and english and a little bit spanish i would like to improve my chinese which is too bad if you are interested feel free to contact me
  12. wechat group

    any wechat group discussion?
  13. New Member