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  1. Or add me on whatsapp +8618521710411
  2. I'm getting rid of two sets of headphones, old models NOT wireless! I got them 3 years ago and been using them ever since. It's purchased from the store, 100% authentic. You can try them on first to check for yourself, if you know then it's a deal. DM me if you're interested.
  3. Hi! I'll be moving to hangzhou for work soon. Roommate wanted, I'm looking for 2-bedroom apartments in Jianggan district, close to metro station (between Zhanongkou station to Pengbu section) - within 5 mins walk. I'm working in a trade company, regular work schedule, weekends off. Just gonna post this one here, looking for a roommate, I'm pretty easy going and I like the home clean and tiny. So if you happen to be looking or know someone who is moving too, [please send me private message for my contact information] . Let me know where you saw the post.
  4. 101dalm

    New to HZ, what is each area like?

    Hi I tried to add you it didn't work.
  5. Hi guys, I'm moving to Hangzhou soon, I have been doing my research before doing it. So far I read some very different comments on which is the' best' area to live in. Every one has a view, and that's okay. I would want to know the neutral comment on each area. North/South. CBDs and so on. I'll be working near subway line 1. I'd like to hear about what you guys think of each 'popular' areas on that line? Thanks a lot. And can I add person on wechat or send them emails?
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    Considering move to a different area.