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  1. kids club looking for English teacher who can teach kids basketball. Anyone feel interested about that could add my wechat or email me。 [please send me private message for my contact information]
  2. Hi,I am Ida ,come from China, now lived in Chiangmai。we have 6.5 boy ,often come back Hangzhou on holiday ,we need chinese tutor also , I have idea to organize a group mix 6(between 4-8 years old kids) that can play and learn together bec.a long vacation,We can split the cost of the teacher,or can share some good teacher。feel free to contact me if you're interested。
  3. Hello there families! we are from China, now lived in Chiangmai。we have 6.5 boy ,he went to international school in chiangmai and often come back Hangzhou on holiday ,he can speak Chinese and English. Looking for other either Chinese or foreign moms/similar age kids in the Hangzhou to meet. I am interested in meeting any other mom who are homeschooling as well, I have idea to organize a group(between 4-8 years old kids) that can play and learn together bec.a long vacation, I have small kids library in yuhang area,usually run from 2pm to 9pm, so I can offer the place for free from 9am-2pm during the holiday,We can take turns to teach our children,or can looking for someone to teach some lessons what kids are very interested, such as ukulele……any ideas we can share. I am happy to host first playdate at my place。Mommies meeting on Saturday 10.june @at my place(Yuhang Qu,close wanda plaza shopping mall) for swaping books &play dates…… please Email me or message me to let me know you are coming ... I will be there from 9:30-11:30 am to meet. email: ida_1326@hotmail.com we chat: 645934250 Vanke Beichen Zhiguang215-6, tong yun street. Yuhang Qu, Hangzhou 杭州市余杭区通运街北宸之光215-6底商
  4. Hi,I am Ida,we have 6.5 boy,we lived in chiang mai almost 2 years ,my son went to the international school in Chiang mai ,so he can speak chinese and english,we will come back to Hang zhou soon on 30. May。he likes paw patrol as well,but now he 's favorite things are everything about minecraft,lego,books etc. if you want,we can hang out somewhere for our children,share something。 so which apart in hangzhou do you live? Ida