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  1. tilli

    Boxing Gym

    great, thanks a lot :) I'll check it out as soon as I'm there …
  2. tilli

    Boxing Gym

    I will be in hangzhou during july and I am looking for a boxing gym to train … the more rustic the better! I'm not looking for something fancy but something real with good trainers. does anyone have suggestions or experiences to share?
  3. tilli

    hi there!

    hi everybody, I will be in Hangzhou from 10th of July til 10th of August. During the week I will mainly be working on my master thesis (at least that's the plan …haha) and take some language courses, but I want to explore the surrounding regions of hangzhou during the weekends … I'm very much into hiking and nature. And always looking for some good company! So if anybody has suggestions or wants to join – always welcome :)