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  1. Thank you
  2. Hi. I graduated from the Faculty of Philology. Also in Hangzhou, I graduated from the language school. I worked as an English teacher, started to write my own materials in my spare time and got a job at as an essay writer. I would really like to try myself as a babysitter, I could teach a lot.
  3. Yes, I'm interested. You can tell in more detail
  4. Girls, tell me the names of quality and stylish bags (not world brands) made of genuine leather that you can buy in China
  5. Do you know some online lessons?
  6. Did not see. Why are you so angry...
  7. Hello. It is interesting to me too. Meditation helps me cope with stress, be calm and attentive, build harmonious relationships with people, engage in creativity and enjoy every new day.
  8. My friend is now making a visa. He is going to work as an English teacher for elementary school children. He also invited me to go. But I doubt it.
  9. Сongratulations. It will be a difficult period, but a pleasant one. I wish you to support each other! This is very important....
  10. But I would like to find a tutor for myself. Who can help? Thank you.
  11. I just saw your comment. I recently returned from New Delhi. How was your trip? How was it?
  12. I'm also interested in guitar lessons. I watched different video lessons on YouTube, but I would like more professionalism....