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  1. Sepp

    Burger King: Where?

    There is a Carl's Jr, too. I quite liked it.
  2. Hello Eva, does your school also offer part time positions?
  3. Sepp

    What's happening for Halloween if anything?

    >picking Tokyo over Osaka なんでやねん!
  4. Sepp

    Bars in Xiasha

    I thought the Gaosha area was quite nice. And the burgers at Mojitos were quite good, too (dont order the nachos).
  5. Sepp

    salsa on Fridays at Carbon bar

    Ive been here for a grand total of 10 days, live near the West Culture Square (if you orient yourself by subway lines, as Im used to), and have not checked a single one. Open for anything! I've PM'd you my WeChat account!
  6. Sepp

    salsa on Fridays at Carbon bar

    I took some Salsa lessons back in Hong Kong and really liked it. If you figure out which place youd like to check out, would you let me know, Kim?
  7. Sepp

    Hello everyone

    Vegeta is pretty ok. Hes got nothing on ma' man Krillin, doh
  8. Sepp

    Dungeons & Dragons in Hangzhou?

    I do both! Tho tbf, I havent done either in about a year or more. Could never find a group in Hong Kong and Ive never enjoyed online D20 or so.
  9. Sepp

    Dungeons & Dragons in Hangzhou?

    so near the dragon sports center? the big thing north of the lake? or where would huanglong be at? do you guys have a wechat group or so we could join to see if there is someone whod be up for it? I can imagine, near the culture square where I live are tons of quiet cafes actually that never seem to have that many people in them
  10. Sepp

    Dungeons & Dragons in Hangzhou?

    I live at the West Lake Culture Square. Depending on the system Im sure I can find some books. Do you know anyone else who'd be interested? A 4 man group sounds ideal in my book
  11. Sepp

    information about gyms ad food

    I know a German exchange student who's at Xixi (about 25min walk, I believe?) who also is looking for people to play Badminton with, if you still need a +1 to fill up your game.
  12. Sepp

    Maids in Hangzhou?

    haha, I appreciate it!
  13. Sepp

    Maids in Hangzhou?

    is she independent or with an agency? does she have friends?^^
  14. Sepp

    Maids in Hangzhou?

    I simply asked my leasing agent and the ppl at the reception, and the cleaning lady (ayi) costs 25RMB/hour, but shes not really that good.
  15. Sepp

    Dungeons & Dragons in Hangzhou?

    yknow, I havent tried in years, but Id be game! I live at the West Lake Culture Square