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  1. chris33166

    Rolling tobacco

    Taobao has few options for rolling tobacco. Wondering if there are any shops in Hangzhou that sell rolling tobacco? If not in Hangzhou... Shanghai? My favorite is American Spirit, but I'm certainly open to others. Related question - has anyone shipped loose tobacco? I know 500g is the limit when carrying in person through the airport. Just curious if anyone has tried shipping and if you've experienced any complications. Thanks! Chris
  2. chris33166

    SAT / ACT / GRE Tutor

    I have over 3 years of test preparation tutoring experience, both as an owner of a small company and as an employee for a major test prep company in the US. I scored 34 on the ACT test which is approximately 1510-1540 on the SAT and graduated from a top 20 liberal arts college and have a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics. Haven't taken the GRE yet, but I've worked with many students on this test, as well. I am adept at breaking down patterns in these tests, teaching strategies for both building vocabulary and making inferences in both qualitative and quantitative data, breaking down complex ideas, and personalize all of my teaching to the individual student's needs. This, along with the high expectations I have of my students, is why every single person I've tutored has shown major improvement in test scores. I charge 300 RMB / hour and tutor for 90 minutes at a time once a week. There will be homework every week. I'll travel to your place if it is less than a 30 minute bike ride. Otherwise we can discuss a meeting location. I've learned that 12 hours of tutoring time - 2 months - is the minimum to show a meaningful improvement in test scores (i.e., >3 point gain on the ACT). Ideally, we can work together for 18 hours - a three month commitment. That's really about how long it takes for almost all students to show major gains in their test scores -- plus the homework I will assign, of course! If you're curious or interested, send me a message and let's talk! I'll send you my resume and contact information.
  3. If you have a mountain bike or hybrid road/mountain bike you just don't use and have been thinking of selling, let me know! :) I'm specifically looking for a bicycle that has a wider seat and higher handlebars (so that I can sit more upright). I think the frame size I need is 54-57 cm, but I'm not 100% sure about that. I'll wait for about a week, but then I'm going to go and buy a new one by Oct. 13th if I can't find one here. Thanks!
  4. chris33166

    Looking for phone

    Hey, it worked out fine, once I was able to ask for directions. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. chris33166

    Looking for phone

    Great, and thanks! I'll check it out tomorrow.
  6. chris33166

    Looking for phone

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a phone after losing the one I bought, um... 4 days ago. Ouch. Not looking to spend more than 1000 RMB, so I'm thinking about something with ~32 GB of storage and ~4 GB of RAM. Ideally less than 6 months old; I'd ask to see the receipt (or if the model is newer than 6 months ago...well, ok!). My preference is Xiaomi, but honestly I'm such a new user to smart phones that the brand probably doesn't matter much. However, not looking for an Iphone. I'm probably looking to buy another phone by Friday, so send me a message right away! PS, if nobody has anything to offer.... Where can I find a Xiaomi outlet in Hangzhou? I'm near Zhejiang University City College.
  7. Hi everyone, I am (hopefully!) planning to coming to Hangzhou to teach at a university in September. However, the HR person at my school just emailed me and said they need the original diploma AND the copy that has been authenticated by the Chinese Consulate. I'm a US citizen. This doesn't sound right to me, and I'm wondering if any American who has recent first-hand experience with this could shed light on this process. While I'm at it, does the same deal apply to the background check (send the original AND the authenticated copy?). The university has only hired people already within China in the past, so I guess this is new for them.... Short question - do I need to actually send the original diploma along with the authenticated copy? Much appreciated, and if this all works out, I'm sure I'll see some of you soon! Best, Chris