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  1. Neo

    Adopt my two cats! Moca & Mimi

    I don’t have one because it will be too painful if some one steals my four legged child for dinner.
  2. Neo

    Adopt my two cats! Moca & Mimi

    You had a dog !
  3. Neo

    Problems getting a Police Certificate

    Such people are not even talking about citizenship. They might not even need it. But don’t they deserve at least some basic job to survive. Just what ever they are qualified to do. And please lets not divert to ren kou hen duo story because a large number of countries with much higher 'population density' do allow that ! I am again pointing out there is difference between a spouse, immigrant of any other kind and a refugee. Authorities have full right to find out if its a contract marriage. But once a marriage is accepted, should it not be given due honour.
  4. Neo

    Problems getting a Police Certificate

    People here are not Racist as such, but a foreigner can never be a part of this place. Learning language is not the biggest problem. The problem is neighter legally nor socially a foreigner can be a part of this land or society. A foreigner can live here without too many people troubling them. They are just a 'guest' here. People and even some officers have told me "you do not have Chinese blood so how can you get Chinese nationality or even your name in your wife's Hukou". According to my wife's Hukou she does not even has a husband. That little red book (our marriage book) is the only proof that we are married. There are many foreigners here who are married to a Chinese and according to their qualification either they can not get a work permit or work permit for that trade is not issued. Such people live here on 'Family visiting visa'. They are just 'visiting' their family. They are not living their life with them. They have no work, no insurance. They are treated at par with any immigrant labour and not as a son-in-law or daughter in law of the country. They have to face difficult time for years without work and there is no guarantee that they will be awarded a green card after five years of difficult punishment here. If a son-in-law of the place is treated like that how can one expect other laowais to be accepted in the society. Its people who make laws not machines. And how people of any place think, influences how the laws are made. Its the people around you what matters most when you wish to live in any new place. Not how much money they have. At the end of the day you will be expected to Hui Qu to your Lao Jia. The place you live can never be your lao jia. When I tell people I am a Hangzhou ren, they laugh at me. Because if you are not born in any place you can never be a part of that place. The concept is more of a tree which can never move away from its roots and not of a bird which has the entire world to move around. Its a matter of concept and not exactly being racist. But because of that mentality, the result gets a touch of racism, even after staying here for decades and getting married to a local and getting any green card etc . . . . a laowai will always be a laowai in this land he is never accepted as a part of this place. I am not complaining about the laws or any one but I am just pointing out that though racism here is not in practice but it is well embedded in the mind.
  5. Neo

    Problems getting a Police Certificate

    I feel it might be impossible for me to get one, if I need it any day. I have changed my place of stay N number of times. I doubt if I have all the documents (esp all the rent contract) with me. And in a few cases I have also stayed with my friends and relatives. I would like to know apart from migrating to any other country, do we need this (horribly difficult to get document) for any reason in China ? Like for applying for Permanent Residency etc ?
  6. Thanks for the information. Good work permit can be made for such jobs. I know work permit can not be made for all kinds of jobs. Even if one has the qualification, and a qualified employer. There are many jobs for which work permit is not issued. I know some foreigners who are married to Chinese but they can not work here because they can not get a work permit made for the subject in which they are qualified.
  7. Does the work permit department makes work permit for such jobs ? Or such people work on 'Other' visa ?
  8. Neo

    Bike For Sale-ONLY 100RMB!

    Sent a PM
  9. Neo

    How to get a website blocked.

    You can block that website straight from your router so that it is not accessible to any device but she might start visiting her friend's place to play.
  10. Neo

    The 5 year rule! Again!

    Did the FAO tell you this or the agent / school is telling you ? At times the agents want your Work permit to expire as they get chance to make more money. I do not think any one has faced this in Hz recently. Else it would have been here.
  11. No its not illegal, but working anywhere while having Business / student / marriage (married to a Chinese) visa is illegal.
  12. You can always officially apply for a work permit, provided you know any company ready to employ you. Remember all companies are not allowed to hire a foreigner.
  13. Neo


    Good, more people remain busy means less people have time to 'think' !
  14. Neo


    So many factories, offices and schools are being closed, there is rumour that locals are being paid to be away from that area. Even a tiny shop in one remote corner of Univ campus was demolished. Again for the same reason. So it wont be astonishing if Laowai's chairman is ordered to shut-down his servers for a month.
  15. Neo


    That can happen even if you drop that title !