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  1. That's great news! Hope a speedy recovery for your bro :)
  2. This helps, however - it takes too much time, it's expensive and even if I win - they can just ignore the coart's rulling. Also, if I go to court - I need to quit my job. That means either I go home or need to find a new job (applying for the visa again, flights and so forth)... I am just so tired of all this bullshit. I showed the law articles, I showed the contract - they told me to go to court. And this is exactly why - the whole system is a mess and as a foreigner I'm completely powerless (apart from going public). I just want to go home.
  3. That's true. Probably depends on the person. People in emergencies react differently. Maybe the sense of urgency has diminished - talked to a doctor, contacted a common friend... It does sound a bit weird, to be honest. But I have time and a taxi costs less than a flight ticket :)
  4. I have a feeling it has to do something with the agents. maybe if the teacher quits, they can get some money back, but if they fire me - they can't get anything... but it seems I spoke too soon :D today had a few westerners come and teach classes. Just worried they will cancel my permit and I'll need to leave within a week + steal my last months pay... not sure if I buy a ticket or wait...
  5. This is very true. I wonder why don't they just fire me, if I'm such a pain in the ass... But yeah, I can definitely feel the pressure. nope, didn't try this yet. Just assumed this whole "teach in China" thing was stacked against me from the beginning, so didn't even consider going to a gov institution. might be worth a shot.
  6. ^^^^ Same here. oh well...
  7. That's good news... like you said - your bro's alive and recovering. Mate, if you need someone to go check up on your bro or something - let me know :)
  8. Like Hz said - you need to give more details if you want someone to help. Also, you might want to contact the US embassy so they can make some phone calls...
  9. no... none Chinese phones have it. They DO have some "extra software" which I'll need to get rid off. I'll need to root my phone, get a new ROM and then I can install google apps...
  10. Looked into it a lot and found my best bet to be Xiaomi note 4x (global version). good mid-range phone (on paper) for 1300RMB. fingers crossed I don't fuck up yet again!
  11. exploiting mentally "differently abled" for a free English lesson... for shame.
  12. See, boys and girls, you don't even need drugs to have a fun time - spend enough time in China and you'll be tripping balls 24/7...
  13. Didn't want to create a new thread. I might use this one as a diary or a log of my "work" in China. A quick update : still have not received my money. I got my salary paid on time, just not sure if it's paid correctly or not. The working environment is increasingly hostile now :) It's becoming stupidly absurd... TA's are not doing anything during my classes, my scheduled is messed up, even got into a shouting match with my "supervisor"... next day got my PC removed (which has/ had my personal files on it). started complaining about these issues, got banned from 2 school group chats :D anyone got any ideas what to do? I am quitting so that's that :) I thought maybe to not take my break every day - that's 1 hour less I need to spend in that hell-hole (also messes with their schedule). There are no requirements for me to wear a uniform - so could do that as well...
  14. China - literally worse than Hitler.
  15. Funny you mention it - I had an offer to go work in Netherlands :/