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  1. problem with wechat group

    That will not happen. For one, it's much more convenient asking people in the group questions and getting a rapid response. For people in HZ wechat is the better option hands down: it's on your phone, it's amongst all other chats you have going on... However, for newcomers this is not good. Best they can hope, 2-3 people have the time to help them out on the forum... for me this was a very useful tool when preparing to come here. I suggest making a few threads and sticking them at the top about the basics living in HZ. And just update those every 3-4 months.
  2. problem with wechat group

    As you have clearly noticed - barely anyone posts in the forum anymore. You have 1-3 guys covering the topics, some that aren't even in HZ anymore... 42k+ members and hardly manage 20 comments a day (NOT THREADS). As you might also know - the owner of hzexpat is pushing away from the forum and on to another platform - wechat. The hzexpat wechat group is quite more active and you can get an instant response. It's also the only place where Jake posts articles (like 2-3 a day) on what is happening in HZ or any relative news. I don't think this a good thing really. First of, wechat groups are limited to 500 users. at the moment, there are 450. If Jake decided to clean up and kick inactive users, maybe that can go down to 300. That means there's enough space for 200 users (at best). So it is a very limited space. Second, wechat groups are exclusive - you can't see posts or post, unless you are invited. That sucks for people NOT in HZ doing their research before coming here. All the info that gets posted on the group chat never makes it to the HZexpat forums. EVER. And they share some good info... Third, wechat group means members are even less likely to visit a forum or post on it, which leads to less discussion and less willingness to post and visit the forum... you get the idea and where this is going. With the way things are going and if nothing changes, I think the forum will just die. It's already very sluggish. I think it's better to have the info posted on the forum for everyone to see and revisit the threads with updates, rather than picking out nibbles of wisdom from a chatroom. Cheers.
  3. in desperate need of advice

    Can't say anything about the education aspect of your question. If you come to China, you will be exposed to Chinese language every day. The course price per semester seems a bit steep... I read foreigners often get scholarships, so you might want to look into that. Then again it was an article that "exposes" how foreigners are taking advantage of China... Working on a student visa is illegal. Doesn't mean you can't do it. 90% if not more of foreign teachers in China are non-native speakers. Most of them are on a student/ business visa. Plenty of Americans teaching on a tourist visa... So it's illegal but not enforced. If you come to HZ, find work first. All they will need is a video chat or an introduction video to see if your English is good enough or not. The school will cover your student visa costs, and you can negotiate that you will enroll and attend classes. Strongly suggest finding work BEFORE coming here - know a guy, non-native, who came to study and 2-3 months in can't get a job...
  4. -Why are you late to the meeting?" " Sorry, boss, I was being adventurous" -Where were you?!! I've been waiting for over an hour? - Sorry, babe. I was being adventurous... Why stop there? A bus??!! what are you, a pussy? you have 2 good legs that aren't broken - just walk everywhere. Got lost? Are you going to use a map like a shmuck or ask directions and show your weakness? Fuck no - you will find high ground, and make nature your bitch to navigate back home. Be adventurous.
  5. Close the door! Close the window! It's winter now!

    Fireworks or parties in HZ on NYE? Anything "seasonal" happening in HZ this time of year? All I done was go watch nature and colorful leaves, walk around parks and shit. Missing out on anything? Also, if any Catholics in - is there a Christmas Day mass or Christmas Eve mass? I know there is broken English mass on Saturday evenings but other than that...
  6. Internet Censorship Crazy in China...

    yeah, waste of 1s and 0s at this point... The guy's spam was up for good 7-10 hours I think, until anyone got around to it. I'm wondering why aren't you a mod? You're online often and could seriously help with this nonsense (for a small community, this place gets more than it's fair share of trolls and spammers)
  7. Hello! British expat in Yuhang, Hangzhou

    funny how you get quality posts like these from maybe like 2 (3 at most) people.. and 1 of them is not even in fucking Hangzhou :D :D :D you'r posts are basically the only thing keeping this forum on life support. I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and support, brother. Cheers!
  8. Internet Censorship Crazy in China...

    Stop spamming you dumb cunt. Not the first one to use multiple accounts to push your bullshit service. Post your ad in bazaar section and fuck off.
  9. Transfer Between Shanghai/Suzhou/Wuxi & Hangzhou by Car/Van/Bus

    really expensive. especially for transfers. much cheaper and faster to get a train...
  10. Haida education

    They're not good or serious, and you are setting yourself up for a disaster and being taken advantage of (especially as you are not a native speaker and your whole contract is useless). Look up Helen Chen and ESL scams... 2 minute google search will bring you more than enough material. If anything - NEVER give anyone your passport or any of the other documents. Good luck
  11. Where Can I Buy Cigars?

    There is a guy selling cigars on the bazaar section. Also, you can buy them online... I am back home now, so I could pick up some for you as well
  12. English Speaking Hairdresser in HangZhou

    hey man :) oh you know, getting hit from every direction and not much I can do, except to roll with it. Will be flying back soon though. 8 months in this place and I can't say 1 good thing about it.
  13. English Speaking Hairdresser in HangZhou

    This is an old thread and chances are OP will not see it. My friend is a hairdresser with around a decade of experience, worked in London and has her own shop in central HZ. The shop is called t-mei. Very near West Lake Cultural Square metro stop. PM me for contact.
  14. American coming to Hangzhou

    Usually the school pays the rent or provides you with an apartment. most foreigners I know live in a place provided by the school. If there's a problem - you talk to the school and they talk to whoever needs to deal with it. Less hassle. And usually not too far from work. Just let them know you don't want to share your flat with anyone else or whatever preference you have.
  15. Company broke the contract, getting Chinard hard

    I hope to achieve 2 things by posting this info : 1) for newbies researching schools in HZ and China - hope this gives you an idea of what can happen in China. Also, when you are looking up your potential employer. I tried to find that franchise and couldn't get any solid info about them... which I hope will help someone as those cunts are opening new centers all over HZ. 2) maybe.. just maybe all the people moaning and bitching about how shitty China can be are on to something...