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  1. Hungry_Hippo

    Moving money out of China

    Quick update - sent my money through alipay, asked a few friends for help .You go on alipay and find the intl wire function. Then you press on the currency converter (0.00 in yellow font). The max limit per transaction is 17950rmb + 50 rmb fee Now this next part is pure Chinese logic - you can't enter how much rmb you want to send BUT need to know how much (in my case) GBP you want to send back. so you keep entering different numbers until you get close to 17950... the currency rate is fluctuating every day, so I suggest you do some research online on currency rates. I got anywhere from 2020-2040 GBP for 18000 rmb... Money got through in about 2-3 days. No hiccups *yet*
  2. Hungry_Hippo

    Moving money out of China

    Man, I'm not too sure about that... I never said I know what the duck I'm doing :D :D :D just assumed it would be better to keep it in the currency I will use daily :)
  3. Hungry_Hippo

    Moving money out of China

    Like BluePasta said - getting money out of China is a problem... and RMB has been tanking. I'm losing money by keeping it in China. Precious metals - you need a reliable source and to understand that stuff. This is China after all. From what you said, transferring through a bank means I lose money on exchange rate and on fees... Which is not a big deal in itself - it's how much I need to burn to get my moneu out of here. 10% is too much...
  4. Hungry_Hippo

    Moving money out of China

    Yeah... choosing a lesser evil. UK is a financial hub. Even if the pound gets a poundin' - they should recover... Or Swiss franks :D those duckers never get hit with anything :D
  5. Hungry_Hippo

    Moving money out of China

    Why to spike up my anxiety ! Yep, RMB has dipped quite a bit... Losing money just by keeping it in China... I'm assuming you mean WesterUnion transfers? Some guys told me it's 500$ per transfer but the fees hit you. That would be over 30 transfers... Quite a bit ... I think I will try the alipay :)
  6. Hungry_Hippo

    Moving money out of China

    I meant 50k RMB at a time. Some friends advised me to send under that amount through a bank. Locals can send bigger sums. I appreciate it, mate. Some valid advice right there. I called my bank in UK (whoooo, burning my money!) and flat out asked about it and they said even 15k GBP is not a big deal. So I should be ok...
  7. Hungry_Hippo

    Moving money out of China

    Yeah man, figured as much. I know that if you send under 50k you can slip under the radar. But not gonna risk it. Cheers guys! Always know I can count on you to sort me out :)
  8. Hungry_Hippo

    Moving money out of China

    It's okay, got nothing to hide. I'm wondering about the exchange rates... anywhere to check them?
  9. Hungry_Hippo

    Moving money out of China

    Hey, I got a small but substantial (for me at least - over 10k GBP) amount of funds I need to move back to UK. What is the best way to do it? If I do it through a bank - which one has the best rates? I heard that the best way would be through Alipay and to ask a local to transfer it to your account... Got like a month to deal with this so if you pass by this topic later on - please leave a message :)
  10. Hungry_Hippo

    GYm membership

    A mate of mine is leaving China and has a gym membership to sell. 2 years for 2000RMB (800 is resigning fee, included). It's in a central location, near West Lake Cultural Square. Gym is quite big, 2 floors. Used to go there myself, well equipped. Let me know if you're interested. I already have a membership :)
  11. Hungry_Hippo

    Gym with a pool

    Look up Brian Alsruhe from Neverstate fitness on youtube. Search conditioning in his channel. Good videos explaining HIIT, tabata protocol and other good stuff. Those are really challenging and will keep you "entertained" :D
  12. Hungry_Hippo

    Last 2 months in HZ - how to make the best of it?

    Thanks for the advice, guys :) life is a funny thing - just when I thought I was done with China, I got a job offer that is just too good not to take... I hope to sort out my life in the following months and start fresh :) or just fuck off to London :D :D either way it will be an improvement for sure. I can't really travel around much due to my crazy work schedule (6 days a week). Nor am I really that keen to travel - it's the same shit only in different shades...
  13. Stayed here for over a year now. I am almost certain I'm gonna leave Hangzhou in September, maybe sooner. Looking to make the best of my remaining time here. If you got any tips on things to try out - leave a comment or send me a PM. It is really appreciated :) Recently I've come to a horrid realization that I've wasted my time here. Hearing about other people's stories and their experiences in China, I see that I've been doing it REAAAAAAALLY wrong by just focusing on my shitty work... Haven't partied, haven't tried things, haven't met that many people. Getting screwed over quite a few times didn't help either... I feel like it's too late to do those things now. Anyways, gonna try to squeeze the most out of my remaining time here :) What is worth getting here? electronics? still need to get that tailored suit.
  14. Hungry_Hippo

    Girls sports

    I think she left for Shanghai back in January...
  15. Hungry_Hippo

    The World Cup bullshit.

    Went to Mojito yesterday - they showed the opening ceremony and the game muted. Music was blasting and people were having a great time. FIFA WC will bring more people to sports bars. Most places won't be affected, maybe a bigger turn out... Or do you prefer to drink alone?