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  1. English Speaking Hairdresser in HangZhou

    hey man :) oh you know, getting hit from every direction and not much I can do, except to roll with it. Will be flying back soon though. 8 months in this place and I can't say 1 good thing about it.
  2. English Speaking Hairdresser in HangZhou

    This is an old thread and chances are OP will not see it. My friend is a hairdresser with around a decade of experience, worked in London and has her own shop in central HZ. The shop is called t-mei. Very near West Lake Cultural Square metro stop. PM me for contact.
  3. American coming to Hangzhou

    Usually the school pays the rent or provides you with an apartment. most foreigners I know live in a place provided by the school. If there's a problem - you talk to the school and they talk to whoever needs to deal with it. Less hassle. And usually not too far from work. Just let them know you don't want to share your flat with anyone else or whatever preference you have.
  4. Company broke the contract, getting Chinard hard

    I hope to achieve 2 things by posting this info : 1) for newbies researching schools in HZ and China - hope this gives you an idea of what can happen in China. Also, when you are looking up your potential employer. I tried to find that franchise and couldn't get any solid info about them... which I hope will help someone as those cunts are opening new centers all over HZ. 2) maybe.. just maybe all the people moaning and bitching about how shitty China can be are on to something...
  5. Hello, I am currently working in a school teaching English. I know - shocking... Anyways, the company broke the contract - didn't pay my wage as scheduled (late for over 2 weeks), paid incorrect wage last 2 months ( however, I was paid in the end). Also, contract says I should only work 30 hours a week, but they want me to do 40+ hours... In the contract it says that the party which breaks the contract needs to pay 10 000RMB penalty. They're refusing to do this... Also, when I said I want to quit, they said I need to pay the penalty AND give 3 months notice... I have a Z visa. Temp permit is being processed now. The lawyer told me to get the media involved and publicly shame them. I am hesitant to take them to court - costs a lot of time and slim chances of winning (#laowai_life)... so what should I do? any lawyers you guys could reccommend or maybe anyone went through a similar problem? I don't mind going back home... Also, I thought about not showing up to work until they pay me the money :) I am still down 10 000RMB since coming to China - and that's after 3 months of work... I have a feeling I'm doing it wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Company broke the contract, getting Chinard hard

    I have time to kill so I thought I'd give a quick update. Just a public service announcement :) So this is what happened. The company broke the contract and refused to do anything about it. I ended up getting a new visa and a new job. Basically I just walked away as there was nothing I could do. The company again decided to screw me over by not paying me 2 weeks salary. Apparently, I needed to give a 3 months notice and... I broke the contract :D :D :D which is a great example of how things are here for foreigners. The contract is only applicable when they can benefit from it. I went there to ask for my money one day (unannounced) and they were threatening me and my SO - apparently they lied to the parents that I left the country and whatnot. I didn't even speak to anyone while I was there. And got threats to be put in jail, that they would go after my SO's business, guanxi and all that bullshit. The school I worked for is called Pingu's English. It is a part of a much larger conglomerate (owned by the same people) which include Sesame Street and My Gym (at least the majority of them). In my case, it wasn't a real school. These places are called "education consulting companies" - they don't have a license to hire teachers. So on paper you work somewhere else, while in reality you teach in their center. At my new job, I met a guy who worked for one of those schools for years, but recently left because they broke his contract too.
  7. I read some interesting messages on the forum and got to thinking - does living in China make you a worse human being?...
  8. condoms

    The guy just wants to sell condoms. and instead of posting it in the correction section, just thought to casually add his input on a conversation... from 2008. ffs...
  9. Salary Expectations

    Did you teach for 10-24 hours or is that the total amount of time you spent at school. I don't know much about the situation 4 years ago regarding wages and job availability. But 1000 each year seems like an incremental change. Again, from personal exp - after 6 months of working you can make a jump to seriously increase your salary (mine was on the low-end of the spectrum, though).
  10. Are foreign restaurant companies clueless? Signage in English.

    For some reason those t-shirt with terrible English phrases (or barely decipherable English) come to mind. And people buy and wear them proudly on their own. It would be smarter to use advertising that can reach the main consumer base, and putting up advertising on a limited space in a language that absolute majority of that base can't read is just silly. I think it has to do something with "face" (modern, international business), novelty (Halloween costumes and decorations) and of course globalization.
  11. Animal welfare?

    Heart-breaking. 2 weeks in a cage without water and sleeping in it's own filth... Maybe letting it lose would be better? Low chances of surviving but still better than a slow death in a cage...
  12. "sjw's" are disliked for their style of discourse and attempts to control it, rather than their actual politics. things like "shaming" their opponents, throwing words like "racism" and "misogyny" indiscriminately, and generally going out of their way to find insignificant things to be offended out about in lieu of actual social issues that need attention. it's what separates sjw's (as a pejorative) from actual proponents of social justice.
  13. First, let's appreciate the irony of calling someone who preached non-violence a "warrior" :) as for MLK -most people who would be called (or even self-identified as) a SJW are racists :) Yes, it may have meant something else in the past. But today the meaning and use are completely opposite. The times change and language transforms with it - many words used to have a different meaning in the past. I agree MLK and the like can be called SJW given a quick definition by what SJW means (and taken into account the historical context). if it makes sense, SJW is less of a literal interpretation of the words "Social Justice Warrior" and more of a way to describe a specific type of behavior (already discussed).
  14. Salary Expectations

    I did just that. Nothing out of the ordinary - 2 days off, public holidays, up to 20 hours a week teaching, 40 hour work-week... And I keep learning it was a shitty deal and I could have done a lot better from other people in a similar situation (newbies to China and teaching). I don't want to start a fight. People have their personal experiences and motives to say what they say. Some are recruiters, some are running schools and are looking for teachers. Some are bored, jaded newbie teachers with time to waste. All I'm gonna say is - this forum is a small community with an even smaller number of active members. Internet is a big place and information is very easily accessible. Read and search for yourselves how much people are earning. I wouldn't settle for less than 12-13k (with rent).
  15. Sometimes I wish I didn't know what a SJW is... God damn, putting MLK or Gandhi in the same paragraph, let alone category... god.damn.
  16. Salary Expectations

    I think it's safe to say a newcomer with little to no experience in teaching should not settle for less than 10-12k (+rent on top of that).
  17. Sounds interesting. However I don't know many places to go or what to visit. Essentially I would be just tagging along and following someone else :)
  18. Salary Expectations

    Sounds more like it :) Do you know something the rest of us don't ? :)))
  19. yep. SJW is a meme at this point. Think along the lines of : political correctness, micro-aggressions, white privilege, gender issues (if you say there are 2 genders, they will crucify you... apparently now it's at least 10), LBGTQ+, fat acceptance ("muh genetics"). . In the US they're called "libtards" or "regressive liberals". In China they're called "white left". Fighting for human rights (the most dangerous profession in China is a Human-rights lawyer) and screaming because somebody said "spokesman" instead of "spokesperson" is not exactly the same, now is it?
  20. Salary Expectations

    I disagree with you or maybe I might have been unclear. "all included" was meant as in your salary+rent. So your salary could be 10k +2k rent = 12k total. And it really depends on your experience. Plenty of franchise schools which offer 14k (with rent). And a standard 20 teaching hours a week... I agree on public schools and unis - much lower pay but they have their own perks. Like uni jobs are low pay and low hours. So you can give private lessons. Public schools pay you for the summer break (I am not entirely sure), weekends off. Salaries are higher working outside HZ in other cities nearby. I can say this from first hand experience as I was offered to relocate for a higher salary.
  21. Salary Expectations

    the range is wide because they need to consider your qualification, experience, native speaker or not, visa, working hours. Usually they also provide housing or give rent allowance. So around 12-15k with everything included is reasonable. That last point is interesting. In SH you will get paid more because the living standard is higher and everything is more expensive (I assume). But SH has a lot of foreigners - it is one of the major cities of the world after all... HZ will be cheaper, and the salaries are lower. BUT - if you go to work outside HZ, the salary will be higher... And it was explained to me that most people want to live in the bigger cities and therefore - the supply of foreign teachers is lower. So the schools need to pay higher salaries.
  22. How to survive hell (or a Hangzhou summer).

    Hopefully we will get the winter edition soon :)
  23. So what do you do? Obviously when asked about China you're expected to give a quick glowjob. If you even mention something remotely negative you'll "hurt their feelings". Either lie and pander to the chauvinists or be honest and enjoy the awkward silence afterwards.
  24. I completely agree with you and particularly on this point. It's absolutely bizarre and reminds me of the story Emperor's New Clothes...
  25. A Canadian english teacher wants a job!

    Nah, man - just so obvious. At least he could have taken the time to get a normal e-mail or written a decent post. But this... this is just sloppy.