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  1. Stayed here for over a year now. I am almost certain I'm gonna leave Hangzhou in September, maybe sooner. Looking to make the best of my remaining time here. If you got any tips on things to try out - leave a comment or send me a PM. It is really appreciated :) Recently I've come to a horrid realization that I've wasted my time here. Hearing about other people's stories and their experiences in China, I see that I've been doing it REAAAAAAALLY wrong by just focusing on my shitty work... Haven't partied, haven't tried things, haven't met that many people. Getting screwed over quite a few times didn't help either... I feel like it's too late to do those things now. Anyways, gonna try to squeeze the most out of my remaining time here :) What is worth getting here? electronics? still need to get that tailored suit.
  2. Hungry_Hippo

    Last 2 months in HZ - how to make the best of it?

    Thanks for the advice, guys :) life is a funny thing - just when I thought I was done with China, I got a job offer that is just too good not to take... I hope to sort out my life in the following months and start fresh :) or just fuck off to London :D :D either way it will be an improvement for sure. I can't really travel around much due to my crazy work schedule (6 days a week). Nor am I really that keen to travel - it's the same shit only in different shades...
  3. Hungry_Hippo

    Girls sports

    I think she left for Shanghai back in January...
  4. Hungry_Hippo

    The World Cup bullshit.

    Went to Mojito yesterday - they showed the opening ceremony and the game muted. Music was blasting and people were having a great time. FIFA WC will bring more people to sports bars. Most places won't be affected, maybe a bigger turn out... Or do you prefer to drink alone?
  5. Hungry_Hippo

    We want you !

    what passes as a high end salary these days in HZ?
  6. Hungry_Hippo

    Price of Renting Apartment

    Not too good, mate. Not too good indeed. I think I got 1-2 months in me left, although I get paid Friday and just want to bounce... I think I'll start a thread on that topic - how to make best of my remaining time here... Still want to get that tailored suit though :D :D :D
  7. Hungry_Hippo

    Ben Patterson

    Add pictures, mate.
  8. Hungry_Hippo

    Teacher from Wales moving in August

    Be careful - schools sign long-term rental agreements. They might ask you to cover the costs if you move out or to find someone to take your place...
  9. Hungry_Hippo

    Price of Renting Apartment

    Very reasonable estimate. I live in the city center (WL cultural sq) and it's 2 beds - 4400. And that's a good deal actually. It's been renovated but a very old building... 4200+ is a really good point of reference.
  10. Hungry_Hippo

    English teachers needed

    Oh, wow - salt on a wound? My bad. Yeah, will do, buddy. Really happy narrow minded and short-sighted assholes like you are here to stay. Hope they send more people like you to China, where losers can feel "special" and "successful". Sorry to break it to you - but you're a freaking cuck.
  11. Hungry_Hippo

    English teachers needed

    are you seriously trying to justify this bullshit? Just because it's common in China, that doesn't mean racism is okay. That's what staying in China does to you - become a spineless degenerate...
  12. Hungry_Hippo

    To Hangzhou Expat, delete old posts.

    agree with keaventh. If you start deleting old post, useful information will be lost. This forum is already on life support - if you delete old posts, it will look like a ghost town. also, Zheng - just be straight and say you want to be a moderator, instead of creating a non-existing problem and "offering" to solve it.
  13. I read some interesting messages on the forum and got to thinking - does living in China make you a worse human being?...
  14. Hello, Just thought I would leave this info here about my friend's beauty salon. It's called t-mei beauty salon . The beauty salon is based on the 7th floor, 1st building of GuoDu Development Plaza, No 182, Chao Hui Road, Hangzhou. Nearest metro station is West Lake Cultural Square (about 200 meters away). The main hairdresser is called Julia - has been working in the industry for nearly a decade, worked in London for some time, won a bunch of awards. She is a local, but speaks English. They do haircuts, style and color hair, do hair-nourishment, makeup, manicures, eye-lashes... They also have a pool table and serve some really good coffee, too :) If you find yourself in need of a good hairdresser, t-mei beauty salon is an excellent choice and I hope you visit them soon :) Phone number: 13208005020
  15. Hungry_Hippo

    Incoming from Australia

    pretty much "Chinese culture" in a nutshell - opportunistic assholes doing their thing... lol, jaded :D is that what they call realists these days? It was a little thing called Cultural Revolution - someone with a major in Chinese culture should have heard about that... Good coffee is overpriced significantly.
  16. Hungry_Hippo

    Need a foreign psychologist

    If it's a serious issue - I'd follow san's advice and head to SH. Another option would be online sessions via skype chat. Keep your head up. One of my favorite quotes when it gets rough : "This too shall pass. It might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass."
  17. Hungry_Hippo

    Moving to HZ from California...looking for Hockey

    I don't play hockey but know a guy - Canadian - who is trying to popularize hockey in Hangzhou, plays for a local team. So he can tell you more about hockey stuff... PM me if you want the contact or you might know the guy (his name's Frank).
  18. Hungry_Hippo

    Chinese new year

    So do people just stock up on food for the whole week? Are supermarkets open during the CNY?
  19. Hungry_Hippo

    problem with wechat group

    As you have clearly noticed - barely anyone posts in the forum anymore. You have 1-3 guys covering the topics, some that aren't even in HZ anymore... 42k+ members and hardly manage 20 comments a day (NOT THREADS). As you might also know - the owner of hzexpat is pushing away from the forum and on to another platform - wechat. The hzexpat wechat group is quite more active and you can get an instant response. It's also the only place where Jake posts articles (like 2-3 a day) on what is happening in HZ or any relative news. I don't think this a good thing really. First of, wechat groups are limited to 500 users. at the moment, there are 450. If Jake decided to clean up and kick inactive users, maybe that can go down to 300. That means there's enough space for 200 users (at best). So it is a very limited space. Second, wechat groups are exclusive - you can't see posts or post, unless you are invited. That sucks for people NOT in HZ doing their research before coming here. All the info that gets posted on the group chat never makes it to the HZexpat forums. EVER. And they share some good info... Third, wechat group means members are even less likely to visit a forum or post on it, which leads to less discussion and less willingness to post and visit the forum... you get the idea and where this is going. With the way things are going and if nothing changes, I think the forum will just die. It's already very sluggish. I think it's better to have the info posted on the forum for everyone to see and revisit the threads with updates, rather than picking out nibbles of wisdom from a chatroom. Cheers.
  20. Hungry_Hippo

    problem with wechat group

    That will not happen. For one, it's much more convenient asking people in the group questions and getting a rapid response. For people in HZ wechat is the better option hands down: it's on your phone, it's amongst all other chats you have going on... However, for newcomers this is not good. Best they can hope, 2-3 people have the time to help them out on the forum... for me this was a very useful tool when preparing to come here. I suggest making a few threads and sticking them at the top about the basics living in HZ. And just update those every 3-4 months.
  21. Hungry_Hippo

    in desperate need of advice

    Can't say anything about the education aspect of your question. If you come to China, you will be exposed to Chinese language every day. The course price per semester seems a bit steep... I read foreigners often get scholarships, so you might want to look into that. Then again it was an article that "exposes" how foreigners are taking advantage of China... Working on a student visa is illegal. Doesn't mean you can't do it. 90% if not more of foreign teachers in China are non-native speakers. Most of them are on a student/ business visa. Plenty of Americans teaching on a tourist visa... So it's illegal but not enforced. If you come to HZ, find work first. All they will need is a video chat or an introduction video to see if your English is good enough or not. The school will cover your student visa costs, and you can negotiate that you will enroll and attend classes. Strongly suggest finding work BEFORE coming here - know a guy, non-native, who came to study and 2-3 months in can't get a job...
  22. -Why are you late to the meeting?" " Sorry, boss, I was being adventurous" -Where were you?!! I've been waiting for over an hour? - Sorry, babe. I was being adventurous... Why stop there? A bus??!! what are you, a pussy? you have 2 good legs that aren't broken - just walk everywhere. Got lost? Are you going to use a map like a shmuck or ask directions and show your weakness? Fuck no - you will find high ground, and make nature your bitch to navigate back home. Be adventurous.
  23. Hungry_Hippo

    Close the door! Close the window! It's winter now!

    Fireworks or parties in HZ on NYE? Anything "seasonal" happening in HZ this time of year? All I done was go watch nature and colorful leaves, walk around parks and shit. Missing out on anything? Also, if any Catholics in - is there a Christmas Day mass or Christmas Eve mass? I know there is broken English mass on Saturday evenings but other than that...
  24. Hungry_Hippo

    Internet Censorship Crazy in China...

    yeah, waste of 1s and 0s at this point... The guy's spam was up for good 7-10 hours I think, until anyone got around to it. I'm wondering why aren't you a mod? You're online often and could seriously help with this nonsense (for a small community, this place gets more than it's fair share of trolls and spammers)
  25. Hungry_Hippo

    Hello! British expat in Yuhang, Hangzhou

    funny how you get quality posts like these from maybe like 2 (3 at most) people.. and 1 of them is not even in fucking Hangzhou :D :D :D you'r posts are basically the only thing keeping this forum on life support. I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and support, brother. Cheers!