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  1. radicalender

    Tuesday Night, Open Mic

    Hello all, Tuesday at 9:30, I will be singing my last songs in Hangzhou but don't want to celebrate all alone. If anyone has a song to sing, request, or something to play on my guitar don't hesitate to participate! I'll be hosting the last night of my Chinese career here at Amigo, so please come down, invite your friends and impress them with your version (or original) of your favorite songs as I've done for the last half year. See you then! -Andy Bullington Ps: call me or just show up and ask if you want to get up on stage and do your thing! Amigo is a special place and loves to see new performers! 15067162338
  2. radicalender

    still selling ebike

    Hi, Here for one more week, selling my Ebike. Did I say 1300 rmb? Maybe I meant 1000....maybe 900...maybe someone can make an offer for a tried and true reliable form of transportation. Call me soon. Leaving on Sunday. thanks! -andy 15067162338
  3. radicalender

    Free lovable cat to safe home

  4. radicalender

    Free lovable cat to safe home

    Here's my little chinese cat Brooklyn. Since Indonesia is a weird place for pet immigration it will be safer for her to stay here with someone nice to feed her and keep her company while I figure that poo out. She's two years old, very clean and free of all disease. She has up-to-date shots and innoculated against feline aids and rabies. (previously I didn't know cats could get aids, why is it fair that THEY have a vaccine??...) She's also fixed and doesn't have those annoying cat cycles of heat and craziness. (a 1100 RMB value!) She has been my best friend and companion while in China and in gratitude for that I want to find her a nice warm place to live with kind people. She has NEVER been outside running around in the dirty fleabitten grass. Always an inside cat, and I have all her stuff that I will gladly hand over, such as a brand new pet carrier, bowls, food, medicine, and scratching post. She uses it grudgingly, but if you had a problem with too much scratching of your stuff, she understands the English word NO, and will stop. Please let me know soon, as I'll be leaving in two weeks and really want her taken care of until I can figure it all out. Please call me with any questions, or text me the number of some lucky person who could benefit from the company of a sweet and loving kitty. Please give me your email address and I can send more pictures or whatever you want. thanks a million! -Andy 15067162338 radicalender@yahoo.com
  5. radicalender

    Room available starting May 4

    a picture of the bedroom
  6. This room is a master bedroom with walk-in closet and master bathroom with massage tub. There are 3 bedrooms in the house, one american girl and one german boy living here now. Of course all is furnished, with washing machine, kitchen with all the stuff, balcony, TVs, WIFI, printer, etc. I would love to stay, as this is the best place I have seen in China, but I have to move for my job. Rent is 2100 RMB, 3 months of that due in May, plus 2000 RMB deposit. Please email with questions or times to visit/meet roommates or whatever you need. Time is running out! thanks a lot, -Andy 15067162338 radicalender@yahoo.com
  7. radicalender

    WTB eBike

    hello, I am selling my used ebike. it's about 2 years old, in pretty good condition. new brakes, battery, wiring and throttle so it rides like new. I commuted on it for a year and a half and it will go about 25 kilometers on one charge. The price i'm asking is 1300, but it's negotiable because I want to move to Indonesia. i can email you a picture later cheers, -Andy 15067162338 radicalender@yahoo.com
  8. radicalender

    I've got 2 words for you... FLASH MOB.

    Okay, so here's the thing: Our lovely choreographer has had something come up and will be leaving the country for personal reasons tomorrow. Kinda throws a monkey wrench in but it happens. That being said, I don't know anyone else in town with real choreography and dance experience. Do you...? Also like cheer squad or color guard stuff would be a big help. The first kid to raise their hand gets the job, pretty much. We've collected your email addresses, and once there is a critical mass of enough emails we can proceed with setting up rehearsals with a new choreographer. There really is no other way, these types of things must be done with a certain dedication and patience that makes them super awesome when randomly it can occur. The space to rehearse will likely be the Zhejiang University campus on Yugu Lu. Just cuz it's open and centrally located. Also, song ideas? John had a good one and there are choices but I think we should think outside the box and all around the damn box. Holler at me. thanks to all interested people, this can be fun and special -Andrew 15067162338 radicalender@yahoo.com
  9. radicalender

    Need Funny People

    Hey y'all, We're doing another standup comedy night at Amigo Bar, 10 pm Tuesday March 19th. The audiences have been really supportive and it's been crazy fun the last few months making people laugh. If you or anyone you know/work with might enjoy giving it a try please call Andrew at 15067162338. You can start with 3-5 minutes of a story or jokes you want to tell, and we can go from there. Most people need a little advice starting out so I'm happy to answer questions at any time. There are just a few days left to sign up, so call or email today if you feel up to a challenge. Andrew Bullington 15067162338 radicalender@yahoo.com
  10. radicalender

    Hangzhou Comedy Night @ Amigo, January 8th 10pm

    Yeah, there were some great laughs last time. Props especially go to Arthur and Ryan. First time out, they killed out there. I mean, seriously, remember the bit about sex with the cat?? That changed my life.
  11. radicalender

    Hangzhou Comedy Night, December 11th at Amigo

    thanks, folks. well, it looks like some are returning, and some new comics also. I suppose you'll have to just come and see who's there. In addition to all this excitement, I am proud to announce that there will be PRIZES! For the audience, and maybe a comic or two. Who doesn't love raffles anyway? If Oprah taught us anything, it's this....
  12. radicalender

    Cat for spring cat-sitting. NOT adoption, please read

    lolz, sorry. Email: radicalender@yahoo.com, 15067162338, QQ: 1992252587 starts about January 25th
  13. Hi, I've had this cat for almost 2 years now, raised her as a baby when I first arrived here in Hangzhou. Her name is Brooklyn, sort of a tabby, very clean, has NEVER been let outside. Never had fleas or any diseases, but she has a flea collar in summer just in case. Spayed, all shots (including feline AIDS), perfectly healthy in every way. She can be a bit of a brat sometimes but is very sweet and lovable, a great friend. I got her from an ad online at about 3 and a half weeks old, and had to bottle-feed milk formula for about 2 and a half weeks. The original idea was just to get whatever cat for free and thus deal with the mice/cockroaches in that old apartment in the most old-fashioned way. Believe this: since getting her, I NEVER had mice or cockroaches in the house. The pests detect the presence and avoid your place, it's amazing. But then....much to my disappointment in my own stoicism, I became fond of the kitten and watched her grow. We've moved 3 times in the city since then and now she's family. So here's my deal: I've accepted a contract in Istanbul, Turkey for 5 months (ends June 25th). I can't move her there and back without quarantine, but since I'm coming back here to move to Shanghai in June anyway I am hoping to find her a temporary home until then. You DON'T need to adopt her or anything like that, think of it as cat-sitting. The cost of food and litter for 5 months comes to about 500 RMB, so I will pay that to you up front, as well as an extra 500 to show i'm not kidding. You'll receive an additional payment of 1000 RMB when I come back. This is probably most suitable for expats relatively new to the city, who want a pet but don't want the fuss and expense of vets and raising kittens and all that hassle. Perhaps after 5 months you will love living in china more and get one of your own. If this sounds acceptable to you, and want to meet the kitty and see if you can be friends, please email or call me. I love my damn cat, ok? And you can help me, yourself, and save a life in the process because I'll never just throw her out into the street.
  14. radicalender

    Hangzhou Comedy Night, December 11th at Amigo

    The green light just went up for the next night of live comedy, January 8th on the Amigo Bar stage at 10 pm. That's also a Tuesday. We already have a few more volunteers to perform, but there can always be more. Interested parties please let me know as soon as you can, so if you need help putting together material we'll have plenty of time to help everyone prepare. Also, I'd like to do at least one group skit/exercise so if you're too spooked to be alone up there you might be more comfortable playing with others, Whose-Line-Is-It-Anyway? Style. Call/text Andy at 15067162338, or send your stuff to radicalender@yahoo.com if you'd like to workshop ideas.
  15. radicalender

    Hangzhou Comedy Night, December 11th at Amigo

    Yes, thanks again to all who participated or just came by to laugh. Seemed like history was made last night, so we thought why not do it again? We always need more volunteers, so please contact me soon if you are interested in the next event. Mid-January is all we know right now. My phone again is 15067162338, and email me at radicalender@yahoo.com happy 12-12-12, -Andy