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  1. Bbennnn

    **Ipad2017 selling**

    So sorry it’s not available
  2. Bbennnn

    **Ipad2017 selling**

    Second hand Ipad 2017 , 128GB Wifi with full condition with 6 month apple store guarantee (Bought when 2017/10) no any scratch, use like new -Free Ipad case and Pencil- 2500 yuan contact : [please send me private message for my contact information]
  3. Selling secondhand Ipad air 32GB wifi+cellular 1850 yuan (Price Negotiation) interested? [please send me private message for my contact information] Can meet at around Xihu, Zhalongkou subway stantion(line1), Zhejiang University(huajiachi campus), MixC mall.
  4. Bbennnn

    **Used VPN router**

    Alright , But before i used Astrill Vpn and i also know how it work also, but this kind of vpn is different. I dont want to explain anything to you anymore. someone want to buy and try it already and yes! still work!!
  5. Bbennnn

    **Used VPN router**

    I don't know how it work actually, but when the seller tell me , it has a Vpn router and inside also has the Vpn service! . The things i do is just connect my vpn router with my wifi router and then i can use this just like Normal vpn. I dont know what are you thinking about my post. But I alrady used it more than one year, and before vacation i went back to my hometown and i give it to my frd to borrow. After came back i buy a new one. So the one i borrowed to my frd still work! If you want to complain me about i'm lying to buyer... lpls respect to others! Im not the one who produce this thing , i just bought , used (and i see it's work) and wanna sell it, if you wanna know how's it work go and ask the seller or search the information about another kind of this vpn. Im not the kind of lying person, if you wanna know the information pls ask other that also use this thing.
  6. Bbennnn

    **Used VPN router**

    -Sold out- and for the one who still think that i'm lying for selling this vpn, If you dont know ANYTHING about this another kind of Vpn pls go can search some information. Please Respect others
  7. Bbennnn

    **Used VPN router**

    I didn't lie cause i already use it 1year. no need to lie for sale a second hand thing-"-
  8. Bbennnn

    **Used VPN router**

    A new revolutionary solution to access foreign websites in China (or anywhere else)! VPN ROUTER - With only one router you may share VPN-Wifi signal with your all the devices in your place. - This is a physical device and it cannot be influenced/ temporary blocked by the Chinese government like other VPNs. - you pay for LIFE. You won’t have to pay any more AT ALL and the traffic is UNLIMITED. -1year Used with unbox but still work ONLY 350 yuan with free shipping (normal price is 550 yuan) wechat : Bbennnn
  9. Bbennnn

    Ipad4 for sale

    Ipad4 32Gb with no box abit one break spot on the corner 1300 yuan with free shipping (or around Xihu, huajiachi, dongzhan train station meet) Cantact me if you are interest [please send me private message for my contact information]
  10. Bbennnn

    **Second hand Hamster house for sale**

    Just only used it for 4 days with a baby hamster i clean it 2days one time so dont worry about any dust
  11. Used hamster house for sale I bought it from Taobao and just used it 4 days cause i need a bigger one all things are still like new*** 30元 with free shipping ** just only on the top of hamster's house roof, i wrote my hamster's name on it, but you can clean it ot PM me or [please send me private message for my contact information]