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  1. That is the reason I asked for that phone number.
  2. Thank you moderator for that comment. Sometimes you have to remind people that Nationalism is a mental disease.
  3. What was the number from which you received the call ?
  4. Do you have any further information about him ? Which hospital ? Was he a student here ? Which university ?
  5. Does it has Google play store ?
  6. Marhaba ! I am not sure but I think there might be some near the mosque on Xihu avenue.
  7. People in general are very nice. They do not trouble foreigners, till they are drunk (usually in a Bar). Buses and metro are all easy to use, just use the card (one card for Buses, metros and boats) In metro they scan your things and every time ask you to drink water that you carry in your bottle. I am not sure what do they do with the water that you carry in your bladder ;)
  8. No you do not copy it back till you can get it scanned, online or any other way. At least your computer will be trouble free. I anyway do not understand all this much as I feel these problems are more with windows computers and so I do not have much experience solving it.
  9. I am not sure if he can, because he confessed he is primarily an apple guy but if you can find that person in that shop then he might be able to help or at least direct you to any other person. But why don't you try it yourself. I feel it is safer than these guys trying it.
  10. If you feel your laptop is infected, why don't you back up your data and just wipe the entire thing off. I anyway never allow any one to touch my electronic devices, at least the software part of it. But even if let them deal with it they will return it back to me. My operating system is beyond they head. I never use windows or mac. And China is 99% windows-land.
  11. Not just three floors. Many more. I often go to the fifth floor (the food section) but may be the real reason is to thrill that little boy in me, watching so many men's toys scattered around. Most of them might not be familiar with Google's Apps. In fact most people in China do not even know Android is a Google product. But they do know Root. What they say, sounds like RUUTHE. If you enter the basement from JiaoGong Lu side, the shop on the right is very famous with Laowais. I often see a lot of them sitting there. I once talked to the owner, who speaks good English, he said though they usually work with Apple products but rooting android should not be too different / difficult. He said I can give him the phone and he will check it.
  12. Welcome to Hangzhou
  13. Welcome Where have you enrolled for your Mandarin Classes ?
  14. Good to know we do not ask for money to meet friends.
  15. In "Free Starbucks Meetup" what does the word FREE stands for ? :)