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  1. No one can show me one person who is born with a passport or hukou in his hand, nor does anyone is able to take even a piece of string with him when he leaves. Still we keep boasting all our life about 'My this' and 'My that' :) But I would still maintain that OP had asked just a simple technical question and things were made distorted from a different angle.
  2. From when did animals started having less rights than humans ? Are they not our Earthlings ?
  3. Your thinking that everyone else on an expat forum is a 'guest' and you are the owner of this city (rather I should say a self proclaimed mini king) is so limited in itself and as you are born here you automatically get the right to order people to 'get out' of 'your' city. In stead of apologizing to that person you are rather boasting of having that tiny piece of paper called hukou. Don't you think that every one present on this forum has a right to say 'I am born on this planet' and you better 'get out of my planet' !
  4. Food can be less if you cook most of the time at home. Transport can be less if you mostly use bus (with yue ka) Rent is difficult to say. It can be half that price and even ten times that amount. Depends on your apartment. It's not very clear what all are included in 'other expenses'. Seems a little high. Over all, your expenses can be reduced but still it is not abnormally high.
  5. San if I am not wrong it is the office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They do the authentication/legalisation of documents but perhaps it has to be checked / cleared from the office which issues it and after that it is sent to the embassy of the document owner's country.
  6. Gas explosion due to summer heat There are places in south asia where temp remains above 40 for months and they all use similar gas. If that was the case then there would have been a few dozen explosions every hour.
  7. I know some guys who live about 5 to 6 bus stops from the university (yuquan campus) and present day rent for those apartments should be between rmb 3500 - 4500 for a 70 sq m apartment. Location is nice but apartment is a little old.
  8. Rents have gone up since G20 summit but I do not think it is impossible to get one in that price range. Depends how far from the campus you are willing to live and how big an apartment you will need. Do not trust those websites, many (not all) are fake prices and ads. If it is possible to leave your cat in your friend's place or if any hotel allows your cat then stay there and contact woaiwojia (http://hz.5i5j.com/rent) kind of property agencies. They might be able to help. Else you can get some 'not too good' room in a farmer house. There are many in that area. Stay there for a month or so till you are able to find a suitable apartment. Of course many might not like to rent for short time.
  9. There are lots of apartments in that area. There are some very close to the main gate and back gate of the campus. All depends how much you are willing to spend on rent.
  10. OUR CITY !!! So cities are owned here ? I knew we belong to cities not cities belong to us. Anyway it seems this person has just landed at any Hangzhou bus station from some village. Where are the admins ?
  11. What makes you SO SURE that you will get a green card ? Only because you are eligible does not guarantees you will be given.
  12. Do not get confused buddy. What I told is the official version ! A lot of things happen in-officially. And there are always a lot of grey areas in China. Depends on which shade of grey you like ;)
  13. University is good in preparing you for HSK. But I found that learning too Book-ish so I left the univ. The real Chinese will be taught by the remaining 1.3 billion people (except the girls who join you in Bar, they will only teach you how to shell out money in China).
  14. You will learn to swim faster and better if you jump in to the water. Perhaps people who cleaned the road and served food in restaurants taught me more Chinese than teachers in univ.
  15. Well if someone tries to convert rape as sex with consent it does not makes it nonpunishable. Do not trust any one blindly. Except (perhaps) in some specific cases you are NOT allowed to earn money while you are on student visa. So unless your university provides you some reliable document proving that you can work or gives you in writing, working is illegal for a student.