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  1. Pò pò

    Free figure drawing class/group

    Hazy, drown-- let's do it. Let's get together sometime soon with some pencils and paper, exchange sketching tips, and build a little art community!
  2. Pò pò

    Motorcycle Advice

    I have yet to ask the local popo, as my Chinese is uber-basic..
  3. Pò pò

    PS4 and TV

    What's the model/serial number of the PS4?
  4. Pò pò

    Looking for roommate

    Hey-- I work in XiaCheng... are you still offering a room? I need something to rent for a month or two until I find my own place! Some pictures would be helpful..
  5. Hey brother-- I sent you a WeChat voice text from Kathy's phone earlier today.. <<<When you say "pay the landlord monthly," do you mean that the rent is month-to-month?>>> I'm looking for a place to rent for about a month, until I find my own space near WLCC-- would love to see what you have to offer. ~Chase
  6. Pò pò

    Whats yo favorite hip hop comedy ?

    And yeah man, don't get me started on Don't Be A Menace... that's gotta be one of my all time favorites!!
  7. Pò pò

    Whats yo favorite hip hop comedy ?

    Sa da tay ma bruddah--SAAAA DAA TAY!
  8. Pò pò

    Motorcycle Advice

    Fuckin A! I could only imagine what kind of individual makes these rules... "Hey guys, let's keep making and importing motorcycles, but hold off on licensing the drivers..." Regardless, this news is good to know, as it adds to the puzzle... Please riddle me this: ..where would I need to go to confirm this--local popo? ...are they the local authority on all-things-motorcycle?
  9. Pò pò

    Whats yo favorite hip hop comedy ?

    HELL YES, San5324... Seen it. Seen it. Seen it. All 3 are great classics! I was just telling my homie about the part in Pooty Tang where the two dudes are out in the heat on the side of the road and one's like, "Damn, it's hot out here!" And the other guy just looks at dude #1 as if he HAD NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THE HEAT, and is like, "YEAH!! And it's HOT, too!!!" Oh man, that kills me every time I think about it! Hahahaha About 4 years ago, I lived with a friend who'd seen that movie, and to this day, we still make jokes that stem from that scene Example: 1) Man, I'm hungry 2) Yeah, and it sounds like you might be hungry, too! 1) Yah, and I could also eat something. 2) Yeah, and you could put some food in your stomach as well! 1) Yeah, and I ain't NOT hungry, neither.. 2) Yeah, and you could probably grab a bite to eat. Etc, etc.. :P
  10. Pò pò

    Whats yo favorite hip hop comedy ?

    "How High" with Red Man and Method Man hahahaha Not a ner-near-nudda "Blackbuster" do it like that one did it!
  11. Pò pò

    Free figure drawing class/group

    Better late than never-- I took a semester of art** in college recently and fell in love with drawing via pencil and pad... That being said... anyone interested in restarting what Izzy started a couple years ago? I think it's a beautiful way to capture the essence of life, and experience the gratification of art first hand. @drown -- saw you recently posted on my motorcycle advice thread-- you down to make this happen? **This was my self-portrait final project we had to do... took a selfie with the iPhone and drew it with graphite on an 18"x18" pad. Would love to do art in a group setting. Awesome idea Izzy had..
  12. Pò pò

    Motorcycle Advice

    Actually, I've been hearing from multiple sources that the ban has been lifted...
  13. Pò pò

    Motorcycle Advice

    Some pics of this past year that keep me dreaming that dream... this Bush Pig ( my 1990 Suzuki DR650S) actually got me to Hangzhou! After going crazy on it in Mexico, I decided to adjust the valves myself (first time in a bike engine), and overtightened them... blowing out the bottom end and rendering it useless... as I didn't have the $1200 needed for a new engine. I put it up on Craigslist for "$700 OBO" and included in the posting that I just needed a ticket to China, and that frequent flyer miles and a little cash would suffice. 3 days later, I had a one less broken dual-sport and a freshly acquired one way ticket to Hangzhou booked, along with $150 in my pocket. Now that bike bike life is calling me back...
  14. Pò pò

    Motorcycle Advice

    Thanks for the honest insight, Popcorn. I do value my life and sanity more than my pleasure-seeking tendencies and ego... I suppose I am looking for a way out of the subway. Having no subway system in San Diego (California, USA), it has been quite a melancholy affair dealing with it as my main transportation while here for my first 5 months.. I don't think I'd be entertaining the 2 wheel deal as much, if my daily commute wasn't 1.5 hours each way. Fortunately (in the oddest sense of the word), my landlord told me today that he isn't gonna be able to renew my lease come July 15th, so it's kind of forcing me to relocate; and at this point, I'm a bit more situated in my job and able to afford something closer to work, so I dont think a bike will be the best idea for me. However, in my dreams, I ride a nicely outfitted 250-450cc Enduro out into the sticks of Hangzhou and throughout Zhejiang Province in search of Nature's solitude by way of camping and rock climbing.