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  1. BillfromHZ

    Bonjour ;) Buenos dias ;)

    Bonjour Marco Ajoutes moi sur [please send me private message for my contact information]
  2. BillfromHZ

    Search Promotor for Nightclub

    Bienvenue Gautier J ai vécu 4 années en France donc toujours ravi de rencontrer des francais :) Contactes moi en privé je suis Foreign Manager dans un des meilleurs clubs de la Ville. Je me ferai un plaisir de te recevoir toi et tes amis de la même façon que la France m a accueilli :) A bientot Bill
  3. BillfromHZ

    H-LINX Royal Members Club

    Hello Everyone, My name is Bill and I am Foreign Manager in H-Linx, one of the best, oldest and most foreigner-friendly in Hangzhou. We are now having special offers for foreigners on weekdays so contact me in private for more details :) Looking forward to help anyone in need of a cool spot with a nice atmosphere to drink and connect with other foreigners . See you soon, Bill
  4. BillfromHZ

    Whats Bars/clubs open on weekdays?

    You are fortunate as I work for one it's called H-linx and it's one of the best and oldest in Hangzhou( they also own numerous clubs in other cities so I can link you up too). Contact me if you see this :)
  5. BillfromHZ

    New members - the way of forums

    Hello, Not new to Hangzhou but new to this forum :) i am available for any newbie who needs assistance as I was lost myself when I arrived. i am a fan of music concerts, movies and nightlife especially . See you around ;)
  6. BillfromHZ

    Any place you can reccommend to fix my laptop?

    Hello, look for a market called Buynow not far from Huanglong. You could find It on the map :)