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  1. LOL. I've already been warned I'm too polite and patient to live in China and I will need to become much more assertive!
  2. Thanks. My husband's company is sending us. It will be my first time in China; he has traveled for business but never more than 2 weeks, so figuring out the logistics of actual daily life will be new for both of us. I am frantically trying to learn enough Chinese to not feel completely helpless.
  3. Hi, everyone! If everything goes as planned, my family and I will be arriving in Hangzhou in early October for a stay of 6-12 months. I have a million questions but will spend some time looking around the forum before I start asking, since I'm sure many of them have been asked and answered before. We are very excited and a bit nervous. I'm glad to have a place to learn what is in store.