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  1. I know that ZUST has much more international students than Gongshang and the administration seems pretty chill but I've found some pretty bad reviews about the University on "http://school.cucas.edu.cn/Zhejiang-University-of-Science-and-Technology-104/reviews/" .
  2. I did my own research using baidu and looking in the local Zhejiang gongshang University students forum but I could not find any useful information. Only information I found is that Gongshang is ranked #124 in China. Most popular/well known programs are Food Science, Statistics, E-comm, Economics and Law. You can probably find some useful information in the link below: See you in Gongshang
  3. |Rain|


    I think it would be easier to just find someone who can go to the dermatologist and translate for you.
  4. |Rain|

    How to survive hell (or a Hangzhou summer).

    What about winter? I heard that winter in Hangzhou is even worse than Canada because it's "Humid" cold with a lack of decent heating.
  5. I am probably going to buy a Xiaomi series smarphone when I arrive in China/Hangzhou, i use an iphone here in Canada but it's a pain in the ass when trying to transfer files using itune so i don't think i will be bringing apple product with me.
  6. |Rain|

    How to survive hell (or a Hangzhou summer).

    is it in the beginning or mid September that temperature stops to drop at HZ?
  7. Hi Sainthood, Thanks for the reply and tips/info. Why I'm worried is because, I've also applied to NingBo University for computer sci.(English taught) and received their admission letter. But when I called them(spoke in chinese) to ask some about the course curriculum they started to ask me if I'm ok with chinese-taught class. In the end, they told me computer science program in english won't be offered because of lack of student applying for computer science. If I did not call, I probably will get the answer once I arrive which will be to late. Most of the international student applies for language program or international trade/accounting or finance program. Very few applies for computer science taught in English. I just hope that when I arrive at the University they won't tell me that they only have Chinese courses for computer science and i have to deal with it. ='( BTW about cellphone which one do you guys use? China Unicom , Telecom or China Mobile? And how much do you pay per month? They have so many plans on their website that my head is spinning...XD
  8. Hi all, I'm from Canada and i'm coming to HangZhou to study computer science and Tech at one of Hangzhou's University(ZheJiang Gongshang University) in Xiasha. I could not find any reviews about this university, have you guys heard anything about it? The program should be in offered English, I already received the admission letter, but I'm worried that once I arrive they tell me that the computer science program(English taught) will not open due to insufficient applications. Aside from that, do you guys have tips for surviving in Hangzhou? Thank you,