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  1. Hi! My LG G4 that I brought from the US is having some issues and will no longer turn on. Apparently, all of these phones get stuck in a "boot loop" just over a year into use. Since it's a known problem, LG/Verizon will fix it for free if you bring it to them-- but I'm in China. I'm wondering if anyone knows a place that can fix it? It's a hardware problem, so you need tiny tools. I would have no idea how to explain the problem to someone in Chinese though... I'm not terribly invested in saving this phone, but it would be great since has all my beloved American apps and a VPN already installed. I am leaning towards buying a new one, and would like some recommendations. I can spend a maximum of about 2,000 yuan, but I definitely don't have to have the newest, best thing. Just something reliable. Will I need to jailbreak it, or do something in order to install Google Play? And a VPN? How can I get those important things onto a Chinese phone? Thanks for all your help! Emily
  2. Hi there! My name is Emily and I recently moved to Hangzhou from New Orleans, LA. It is my first time in China and my first time teaching high school, so it has been an overwhelming first week! I have a place near the Coach Center metro station and am looking for fun things to do and ways to meet friends in my area. Also, I'm looking for a place to take Chinese lessons. Let me know if you have any wisdom to share, or want to explore the city together! Best, Emily