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  1. Hi!!

  2. Hi everyone

    no worrys! all my Italian friends are in Shanghai,, ;(,,, but we can organize i guess hahaha :) just let me know!! yes, i also would like to meet you! :)
  3. Hello everyone

    i sent you a message!! add me wechat!
  4. Hello everyone

    hi! i also live in binjiang!! let me know if you want to go to drink a beer or coffee or something else! :)
  5. electric stove

    hi all, i bought this induction last week, and i realized i cant use it without pots, i bought it for use moka but i cant use it,, so i want to sell it, i already thraw the box away.. i paid around 100 RMB, I want to sell it 70rmb, my location is binjiang. leave me message.
  6. New to Hangzhou after 9 years in Korea

    hi! kimchi dumpling is funny haha i'm from korea, and also live in binjiang! welcome!!
  7. Hi everyone

    hi,Marco! My Italian friends told me they have friends in Hangzhou as a designer,, so awkward if it's you,,btw,, hahaha
  8. Hi!!

    hi,Jane! so envy you to go to Busan,, if you love seafood, will heaven! haha yes it's complicated,,,
  9. Hi!!

  10. Hi!!

    hi!! hahahaha soju!!! yes we can do this!!! i live in front of river side, let's organize it one day :)
  11. Hi!!

    Hello,all. My name is Hong, from South Korea. Last year i was in Shanghai for uni and move in Hangzhou because of job, really peaceful and calm city. I started work in Hangzhou from last month,, I'm living in Binjiang where is not so close from city center ;(.... I want to make some friends in Hangzhou for a beer or coffee or anything,, Thanks!! :)