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  1. Hi Rita! I am also an international student and it will be my first time out of the country as well. I'll be attending University when I go at the end of February this coming year. If you would like, you can shoot me a message and we could add each other on WeChat. :)
  2. Hey guys! My name is Jenny and I am a Communications with Business major and will be traveling here at the end of February. I know this forum isn't technically for international students however, after school I plan on staying and traveling around the area. As of right now I am the only one from my college that is going, which isn't entirely bad, but it would be great to make some connections and possibly make some new friends as well. I am also always down to make new friends, so if you would like to make some sort of connection message me and I could add you on WeChat. Possibly see you around! :)
  3. Hey guys! My advisor recommended this forum to me so I'm new to this so bear with me. I was wondering if there was any students planning on studying abroad or travelers making there way to the area around this coming Spring? I am going to be attending school, and as of right now I am the only one at my school going. Which isn't entirely too bad, however it will be a big change from the area I live in and my first time out of the country. So it would be awesome to meet up sometime with those venturing that way or those who already live in the area, to meet and make some connections, hear some tips, and meet new people. Thanks! :)