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  1. @Hungry_Hippo That's okay! I dont know many places either but there're many suggestions on the internet and we can all explore toegther.
  2. Hello I am looking for a part time position tutoring English. I am based in Linping but willing to travel closer to Hangzhou centre. I'm available Tuesday-Friday any time before 3 pm. Please contact me on wechat [plese send me private message for my contact informatin]
  3. Maya Grey

    Looking for Yoga

    Anyone know of places with good yoga classes somewhere closer to the Linping side of Hangzhou?
  4. @Shezz428 @Hungry_Hippo @drown I have Mondays off too. Maybe we could start organising Hangzhou hikes together on weekly Mondays? You can add my wechat if interested... [please send private message for my contact information]
  5. Maya Grey

    Hello nice people

    Hey Kim! Welcome to Hangzhou (from a newbie too). I love dancing and swimming too - been here a month and haven't done either yet. So let me know if you ever want to go on a quest to find them! You can add my wechat, [plese send me private message for my contact informatin]
  6. Maya Grey

    Hello, new to Hangzhou!

    Hey Chloe :) I live pretty far out but often come into Hangzhou. I would be keen to meet up and make a new friend (been in China for one month - also teaching english). Actually thinking of going to open mic night at Basement tonight if you'd like to join... it's free Please add my wechat if you like: Maya_Grey
  7. Maya Grey

    Maya in Hangzhou

    @Nunyo @sainthood @fionnfionn Thank you so much for the feedback! I'very been hiking quite a lot around Hangzhou (yes pretty far by public transport but it's worth it) but still haven't found a place to swim - can you please let me know which trails in the mountains your friends go on and swim in nature up there? I really appreciate all the valuable information you gave... especially saying pingguo to people - I think that's hilarious! Happy mid-Autumn festival!!
  8. Maya Grey

    Maya in Hangzhou

    Hello! I'm Maya - a South African girl who's just moved to Hangzhou. I'm living and working at a school in Linping (about 40 minutes away from the city centre). I came here to experience something new and hopefully learn Chinese. Please let me know of some beautiful natural areas/hiking trails/swimming holes/vegetarian restaurants or even if you just want to make a new friend :)