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  1. Tip: If no one wants it for 3000, chances are, reducing the price 100 rmb isn't going to induce anyone to buy it.
  2. Salary Expectations

    If this happens, I want the newcomer to come on this post and tell me they actually pulled something like this off.
  3. Where do you get organic veggies?

    Good luck ordering from places that purport to have "organic" anything :/
  4. Salary Expectations

    Not even. A lot of places are "fishing" now. They get interested candidates and then say "Oh...actually, how about 8k?"
  5. Salary Expectations

    12-15k with everything included...that's a salary you would only see in an international school. Not a training school and definitely not a public school. I know people who are teaching ESL at public universities who are getting paid 6-7k, with on-campus housing. They supplement this by working at training centers in the evening and weekend, even though TECHNICALLY, it's illegal. And if a training school DOES offer you that much, be assured, they'll work you to the ground until you are forced to leave China in a bitter rage. As for the salary being higher working out of HZ, I don't agree with you.
  6. Salary Expectations

    Depends. Are you working part-time or full-time? Are you going to work at a training center or a university?
  7. VPN

    One of the very few sensible people left HZ. Wtf am I going to do now.
  8. Bag my stuff supermarkets, ya lazy {#%^}*{!

    First world problems. You haz 'dem.
  9. **Used VPN router**

    How does one spell buyer's remorse?
  10. Small Differences

    Can a mod move this thread to General Discussions or something?
  11. New to forum, not new to HZ

    International school maybe? Or consulting?
  12. Maids in Hangzhou?

    I'd recommend her to you, but unfortunately she only cleans in Fuyang, sorry.
  13. Lol, I'm hoping he was kidding. Unmarried people are very much an oddity in Korea, just like China and Japan. A shame, really.
  14. Proper Protein Powder

    I try to avoid eating meat , but it's so hard to trust any food . If it's not the meat, then it's the rice or the beans or fruit...food safety is almost nonexistent.
  15. Newbie greeting #1111010010203948732782

    Yeah, that's what I've heard. Maybe not "better" as you say, but more built up. We used to live in the Hejiayuan complex. Near UN Gongshu, lots of students from Africa who were attending the universities there.