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  1. VPN

    One of the very few sensible people left HZ. Wtf am I going to do now.
  2. First world problems. You haz 'dem.
  3. vpn

    How does one spell buyer's remorse?
  4. Can a mod move this thread to General Discussions or something?
  5. International school maybe? Or consulting?
  6. I'd recommend her to you, but unfortunately she only cleans in Fuyang, sorry.
  7. Lol, I'm hoping he was kidding. Unmarried people are very much an oddity in Korea, just like China and Japan. A shame, really.
  8. I try to avoid eating meat , but it's so hard to trust any food . If it's not the meat, then it's the rice or the beans or safety is almost nonexistent.
  9. Yeah, that's what I've heard. Maybe not "better" as you say, but more built up. We used to live in the Hejiayuan complex. Near UN Gongshu, lots of students from Africa who were attending the universities there.
  10. I've got to be honest. China now is A LOT like Korea 30 years ago, which is where I spent my summer vacations. Minus the spitting, the defecating in public, general disregard for human life, the smoking...okay, on second thought, maybe Korea circa 1990s wasn't much like China now. If it wasn't for my husband, there is no way I would've stayed in this country for so long. And no, I would never consider traveling with a Chinese family. It would kill me. I once mentioned that the Chinese are the salt of the earth. Either they're suuuuper nice (if they know you) or like..Carthage "salting the ground so nothing ever grows" shit. Maybe I'd feel different if I lived in downtown Shanghai. ...on second thought, nah, I've spent time in Shanghai and the only difference between Fuyang and Shanghai is that Shanghai's got taller buildings and the people are dressed better, LOL. Thankfully, I'm about 99.95% sure we are leaving after this academic year. My husband is sick of this country and like I said before, I was sick of this country after our first year. I AM grateful for the opportunities China has provided for us and the friendships I have cultivated while living here(all expats). But, honestly, this country just kind of sucks.
  11. Yeah, I remember when Google/Facebook wasn't blocked here, for, like, all of half a day. The expat community was LIT, LOOOL.
  12. Yeah, we got lucky. Our ayi cleans the houses for all the teachers at SO's school, so her reputation is super important. If she got caught stealing/suspected of stealing, she'd lose her livelihood super fast.
  13. Yeah, sorry, China has really shit meat, as far as quality goes. The beef is terrible, the chicken has been shot up with hormones and the pork will likely leave you with trichinosis :/ Best advice I can give you as someone who is married to a weight-trainer, I hope you like eggs. It's the most economical way for you to get your protein.
  14. Check out We buy our protein powder from there and the prices are comparable to what we're used to in America. As far as meat, is there any problem why you can't buy it from the local Century Mart/Wumart/Walmart? Also, you never mentioned which Zheda you're at. There are several campuses.
  15. Because everyone knows the Chinese government is to be trusted, hah. That being said, internet technology is always evolving, so as long as the very passable niceties keep on top of their tech, it would be almost impossible to completely block out the internet. I feel like it would be super inefficient for the government to spend their resources on this issue, but then again, we're in China and nothing ever makes sense in this country.