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  1. Hi .. Can I know the rent, deposit of this apartment ?
  2. Hi ... I am looking for apartment 1br and kitchen in binjiang and near alibaba campu ... I have searched online for the same .. But, as per this forum the picture not of actual apartment .. Please let me know if there any apartment and my budget is 5k per month ...
  3. yms


    Hi Kiran .. this is manjeer and I might move to hangzhou by jan next year ... I am from india .. I have few doubts on living in hangzhou .. can i connect with you to clarify them? If u r in facebook or whatsapp or any other medium where i can talk to you... Thanks for the help ..
  4. I am from India and I am planning to shift to HZ in next 2 months and plans are there to stay for 2 years at least. I have done enough research in this forum and have few more questions(May be few are repetitive as I didn't get much clarity). 1) I was offered 35K RMB per month and 4 months bonus at the end of year. I am currently in the band of top 15% salaries on india and could someone help me if it is worth shifting. Savings are little more considering bonus. 2) Can we get iPhone in china with some mobile network's contract(Like in US, SG etc). If yes, how can I check them out (Any website?) 3) I am looking for fully furnished apartment with 1 bed room, kitchen and bath room in Binjiang district and not more than 3-4 kms far from "Wangshang Rd, Binjiang Qu". My budget is 3.5K to 4K max. Is it doable? My actual budget for month is 11K RMB as i had few commitments back home. Is it doable considering above home requirements? 4) What are the details that I should ask my employer for smooth relocation. Can someone tell me near realistic net salary for 35K gross? To calculate this, what are the questions I should ask my employer(If needed). 5) How easy/difficult to get Veg food in china if we are not cooking at home. Thanks a lot for the help.