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  1. we are a Hangzhou outdoor startup, established in 2017. now we are looking for a co-founder, loving outdoors, for growth hacker if you find it is interesting, please contact me [please send me private message for my contact information]
  2. Start time: 8:30 Finish time: about 15:30 Distance: 17km Elevation: 900m Fee: free Guide: Meili attention:you can read the activity information in attached file 《hangzhou Plus hiking-part》 Weather forecast : cloudy Warning: if the weather change into rainy or worse, this hiking will be canceled by wechat notice 8:30-10:00_浙江大学玉泉校区→老和山→北高峰 estern gate of Zhejiang Univertsity Yuquan campus →Beigaofeng hill 10:00-11:30_北高峰→美人峰→龙门山→石人岭 Beigaofeng hill→Shirenling temple 11:30-13:00_石人岭--九曲亭--竹竿山--严家山--丁家山 Shirenling pavilion→Dingjiashan hill 13:00-15:00_丁家山--石壁山(四世同堂树)--云栖花苑(过公路)--五云山 Dingjiashan hill→Wuyunshan hill 15:00-15:30_五云山--九溪林海亭Wuyunshan hill→Linhai pavilion notice:the hiking schedule may be changed accoring to weather and etc. IF you interest in outdoors, if you want to join us to hike this weekend, please download the attached file《outdoors member information》,fill and send the sheet to me by me [please send me private message for my contact information] hangzhou Plus hiking-part.pdf
  3. Sorry for that. presently we just have outdoor activities on weekends. However we will think about your special situation.
  4. hiking plan as attached hangzhou Plus hiking-part.pdf
  5. do you have Wechat ? we have a wechat group
  6. hot summer is going to leaving, cool and beautiful autumn is coming. Are you prepared to go outdoors? I am meili, living in Hangzhou for 5 years. Trail-running and backpacking are my favorite sports on weekends. There are a lot of beautiful and exciting hiking trails around Hangzhou. If you want to go outdoors, just send your information to me according to the sheet upload. then, we can make a Wechat group to organize outdoor activities. Let us explore the outdoor beauty around hangzhou.
  7. anyone want to have a hiking on the mountains around the westlake?
  8. good, I also like play badminton.
  9. any outdoor lover here?

  10. meili

    any outdoor lover here?

    Hi guys I am leo, working for a outdoor gear company in hangzhou, located in Biniiang district. If you also like exploring the outdoor around hangzhou, [please send me private message for my contact information] then, we can go outdoor together. Additionaly,I am looking for outdoor enthusiast to be special user for our company. what is the role of special user? your opinions about our project or product will be important to our new products. share your ideas(complaint/ exprience/innovation ideas ) also be a plus to us.