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  1. Kyle可乐

    Need Legal Assistance?

    We're now offering FREE legal help for Expats in trouble. Not for opening your WOFE or whatever, but if you're having actual trouble. Especially if you're being discriminated against. PM me for more info.
  2. Kyle可乐

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    any events in Binjiang? i'm open to organizing one
  3. where to play? 滨江? 有群吗
  4. Moved to Binjiang and now looking for organized racket sports groups! Or even individuals! Interested in badminton, squash, racquetball etc. Anything?
  5. Recently moved to Binjiang and am now looking for a job in the area. Skilled in social media marketing, PR, editing, copywriting, etc. Hit me up in PM or reply here. (Not interested in teaching English.)